Manta Rays Join The Turtles Of Heron Island ·

Manta Rays Join The Turtles Of Heron Island – June to September

Renowned worldwide as a haven for sea turtles, Heron Island has new residents that have joined in the mix, with June to September being manta ray season on the southern part of the Great Barrier Reef.

Manta rays are the largest ray in the world, having a wing span of up to five metres, and the only ray that will seek out human interaction. This gives divers and snorkelers on Heron Island a unique encounter with the gentle giants of the sea.

Water clarity during this season is at its peak around Heron Island reef, ensuring clear visibility of this sociable character of the ocean.

Manta rays can be seen cruising the outer reef, hovering over Heron Island’s famed bommies known as cleaning stations for grooming, or visitors will see them on the surface feeding on the plankton. Dive and snorkel boats also travel to the outer reef to the bommie sights from Heron Island, that are a five minute boat ride from the jetty.

Commenting on manta ray season at Heron Island, General Manager, Tony Barradale notes, “Manta rays are harmless giants, their inquisitive nature makes them very popular amongst diving and snorkelling enthusiasts around Heron Island.  They have the largest brain to body size ratio of any living fish and are very aware, interactive and inquisitive of their surroundings especially with people swimming alongside them in the water.”

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