LimoCars Singapore: Driven In Comfort And Privacy ·

LimoCars Singapore: Driven In Comfort And Privacy

One of Singapore’s most appealing aspects for visitors is the total organisation of a city-state where every works the way it’s supposed to. Exemplary of this national trait is LimoCars Singapore, a friendly, efficient company that provides transport for locals and visitors alike who seek to get around town in comfort and privacy. As a bonus for car aficionados, LimoCars Singapore has one rather unusual vehicle in its fleet; the Mitsuoka Galue, a Japanese luxury car rarely seen in Japan, let alone in other countries, certainly makes a statement both inside and out. A big Rolls-Royce at the front and Cadillac in the back, the Mitsuoka Galue integrates the nicest characteristics of the finest automobiles and combines them into a single car. Among other marques in the LimoCars Singapore fleet are the more familiar but no less upscale names of Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz, and Bentley.

Even in a place like Singapore with an excellent public transport system, there are times when a private car can make a visit much more enjoyable. Having a car and driver waiting at the airport for a late-night arrival or being taken to Changi for an early-morning departure are the obvious moments when private transport comes in very handy. For families with small children or elderly parents, for corporate executives for whom time is money, or for busy shoppers accumulating too many packages to carry comfortably on the MRT, getting around town with LimoCars Singapore is a lot more agreeable than battling the elements in a hot and humid climate.

Aside from the convenience of private transport, there is the friendly driver whose knowledge of the city comes in handy when looking for places to explore and easier ways to get to them. Despite travellers’ familiarity with Singapore’s CBD attractions such as Little India, Chinatown, and Orchard Road, there are several attractions outside the city centre that are nice to visit by car. Especially for visitors interested in the natural side of Singapore, trips to the Chinese Garden, Japanese Garden, and Little Guilin to the northeast of the CBD are a breeze. Further west is the famous Jurong Bird Park and the Singapore Discovery Centre.

Transit passengers can make the most of their hours in Singapore with a private tour customised to personal preferences, while corporate groups can hire a van or bus for their transport needs when in town for meetings and conferences. Whatever the requirement, the locally owned LimoCars Singapore provides the right vehicle at a surprisingly reasonable price.

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