Kanagawa Prefecture x TCSS collaboration campaign ·

Kanagawa Prefecture x TCSS collaboration campaign

Bringing the heart of Australian beach culture to Japan, Kanagawa Prefecture is now collaborating with popular surf brand, The Critical Slide Society (TCSS) to raise the awareness of Kanagawa Prefecture. By collaborating with TCSS, we aim to strengthen the awareness and interest towards Kanagawa Prefecture, particularly through Millennials interested in cool sports and culture. We’ve teamed up with this inspirational brand to produce new content and to view Japan through a different lens.

Explorers from the alternative movement of surf culture: Kaius and Sasha
With their 35mm static imagery camera in hand, Kaius Potter and his girlfriend, Sasha Brown from TCSS team ventured their way out of the hustle and bustle of Tokyo and made their way to the coasts of Kanagawa Prefecture. From beaches to world-class art galleries and volcanic valleys, the dynamic duo spent four days exploring the hidden gems of Kanagawa and soaking in the local culture “like tourists hiding in plain sight”. They’ve brought out some of the best of Kanagawa with their lens, and have been distributing content over their blog, through e-mail, Facebook, and Instagram.

Around Kanagawa
On the first day, Kaius and Sasha rode straight out of Tokyo and into Kamakura in Kanagawa Prefecture. There, they encountered the Great Buddha of Kamakura, strolled by the eateries of the famous Komachi Street, and then visited Enoshima, a small island known for beaches and culture. Come day two, and the two of them hit up Shonan Beach, one of the most famous beaches of the country. Shonan Beach is synonymous with surf, sand and sunshine. The couple spent most of the day in the area and ended it with a luxurious stay at Hoshino Resorts KAI Hakone.

Over the following two days, Kaius and Sasha explored the landscape of Hakone, a well-known tourist area for viewing Mt. Fuji. A treasure trove of culture and natural beauty, Hakone features a variety of attractions, such as: shrines, the volcanic landscape of Owakudani, and even the works of Picasso in the Hakone Open Air Museum. From there, our two adventurers kicked back and relaxed by indulging themselves in yet another one of Hoshino Resorts’ branches, at KAI Sengokuhara.

About TCSS
The Critical Slide Society is a creative label that serves as a platform that celebrates the simple joy of a deeply engaged surfing life.

For more information about Kaius and Sasha’s adventures, make sure to view out their blog post and video at: https://www.thecriticalslidesociety.com/blogs/news/kaius-sasha-commute-to-nowhere

For more information about their accommodation at Hoshino Resorts, visit: 

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