Kakadu looks to Top End Wedding to provide a Croc Dundee boost to tourism ·

Kakadu looks to Top End Wedding to provide a Croc Dundee boost to tourism

Miranda Tapsell’s new movie Top End Wedding, which debuted recently at the renowned Sundance Film Festival, is set to once again put the spotlight on some of Australia’s most spectacular outback landscapes.

The film features a number of Top End locations, including Kakadu, which rose to international tourism prominence thirty years ago as a result of Paul Hogan’s Crocodile Dundee becoming a smash global hit.

Two of the locations that first came to prominence in Crocodile Dundee make a reprise in Top End Wedding: Gunlom (a stunning natural infinity pool and waterfall) and Nourlangie, home to Indigenous rock art dating back thousands of years.

The township of Jabiru and its iconic Crocodile Hotel also feature in the film. The cast and crew stayed at the ‘Croc’ for a number of days during the shooting of the film, and a special screening of the film will be staged on the lawns of the Mercure Kakadu Crocodile Hotel on Saturday, 1 June, as part of the Northern Territory Travelling Film Festival. The film is also expected to be screened at The Croc during A Taste of Kakadu (10 – 19 May).

As with Crocodile Dundee, Top End Wedding is a crowd-pleasing adventure romantic comedy full of colourful characters and spectacular outback scenery that is likely to appeal to both Australian and international audiences.

Miranda Tapsell brought an outstanding production team and group of actors to put together the story of a Sydney couple Lauren and Ned who spend a desperate – but funny – 10 days in the Top End of Northern territory trying to find Lauren’s missing mother so that she can be invited to the wedding reception.

The film was co-written by Tapsell and Joshua Tyler and is directed by Wayne Blair.  Tapsell came to prominence in Wayne Blair’s debut feature, The Sapphires.

General Manager of the Mercure Crocodile Kakadu Hotel, Chris Chaffe, said it was fantastic that Kakadu was once again featuring on the big screen.

“Kakadu was made for Hollywood,” said Chaffe.

“Crocodile Dundee introduced a world of travellers to Kakadu, and I’m sure that Top End Wedding will attract a new audience.

“It is a great way to follow up the announcement of Federal support for upgrading Kakadu infrastructure last month, and also the announcement of best visitor numbers to Kakadu National Park in ten years.

”As with Crocodile Dundee, we think that when people see Top End Wedding it could well be the catalyst for converting interest in the destination into bookings. And undoubtedly the best idea for potential visitors is to book for the 1 June weekend and see the film ‘on location’ in the heart of Kakadu.”


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