International business events enrich New Zealand ·

International business events enrich New Zealand

International business events will deliver over $400 million to the New Zealand economy* and provide the opportunity to showcase New Zealand’s cutting edge research and hospitality on the world stage.

The events will benefit a range of regions across the country and give Kiwis access to global knowledge and research and also provide the opportunity to promote our considerable home-grown expertise.

In the past year alone Tourism New Zealand has helped to secure over $86 million worth of business events.

Tourism New Zealand’s Chief Executive Stephen England-Hall says the business events sector is important because it holds significant potential to spread the benefits of tourism throughout the year and across the country.

“The 40 international conferences and 47 incentive programmes won in the past year have been secured for destinations across New Zealand. This is an excellent result and means the benefits will be spread far and wide, including into neighbouring regions.

“The expert knowledge the conference delegates contribute to our local industries can help them grow and improve, making them high-value visitors we want to continue to attract.

“An example of this is the crisis information management conference coming to Wellington in November. Exposing our local experts to cutting-edge research and world’s best practice in this field will help improve the way New Zealand responds in the face of a crisis or natural disaster and also enables our local experts to contribute their substantial expertise.”

Tourism New Zealand is launching new campaign material in July 2018 to support the organisation’s continued work in this sector.

“Our latest campaign approach continues to put New Zealand forward as the best destination choice for business events, and is supported by our world-class infrastructure, people, natural environment and pre and post business event opportunities,” says Stephen.

The campaign has evolved over five years to showcase different aspects of the New Zealand experience to international organisations considering bringing their conference or incentive here.

The new content launching in July will primarily be targeted at an Australian audience, but will also be promoted globally

*Conference and incentive business bid for and won over the past five years.

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