Highlights of Japan for the spring to come ·

Highlights of Japan for the spring to come

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is a family-friendly hotel located in both Tokyo and Kyoto. While most accommodations in Japan are relatively known as compact and less spacious, its rooms can easily accommodate up to five(or even eight) which is a perfect fit for family or a group of friends travelling together. Each room has a kitchenette with cooking utensils for guests to cook/ prepare according to their needs. The latest electronic appliances can be borrowed at some of the properties by simply getting in touch with the reception. The public transport is the most efficient and practical means to explore around the metropolitan areas. As all of the APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU properties are walk-in distance from them,it makes the travelling much easier to reach out to numerous sites and experiences. While the language barrier is often the issue in Japan, the hotel receptionists are bilingual willing to offer any assistance. Also,a smartphone with Wi-fi and AI concierge ‘BEBOT’ is being placed in each room as it can be taken outside to attend and support your journey. APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU welcomes everyone who is in Japan for an exciting adventure and experience. Please feel free to contact us if you’re keen in staying at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU.

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU launched the Pokémon room last December in some properties in Tokyo and Kyoto. Once you step into the room- you are in the world of Pokémons with the unique Pokéballs motif wallpaper with some of the most popular Pokémon characters. There is a huge stuffed Snorlax to cuddle after a long journey too. Even your mealtime is more delightful with the Pokéball themed mugs and plates which might encourage your kids to have more than usual!

The Pokémon rooms are available at properties below.



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Here are some of the best spots to appreciate the cherry blossom trees.

 Ueno Park
The zoo and the museum are the icons of Ueno but the cherry blossoms are the ones that take over them in the spring time. With full bloom of over 1,000 cherry blossoms, people stroll around or sit on the blanket with drinks and food to appreciate the arrival of the spring. It even becomes more vibrant after the sun set as the lanterns along the sideways begin to light up to illuminate the trees for the spectacular view which is known as the ‘Ueno Sakura Matsuri.’

Maruyama Park
The Maruyama Park in Kyoto is one of the most popular site as it is a home to 700 different kinds of cherry blossom trees and provide an outstanding view once they bloom. Among all the various cherry blossom trees, the most iconic cherry blossom tree is the ‘Gionshidare-zakura’- the weeping cherry tree of Gion which stands in the middle of the park for more than 90 years. It is also the highlight for the night flower viewing as the trees are uniquely lit by the bonfire which creates the magical atmosphere.

Terms and conditions for those who are interested in staying at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU

Please send through your full name that match with your passport when reaching out for your offer.
4 Days/ 3 Nights is the maximum of the stay provided (exceptions apply)
Deliverables are required on all of the channels. Instagram post must be shared to both story and feed.
The deliverables will be shared on APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU’s official account. 
The deliverables must include URL and promo codes provided by APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU.
Changes(including the dates) or Cancellation to the reservation is not accepted after confirmation.

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