Heli ski more terrain for less money this New Zealand winter ·

Heli ski more terrain for less money this New Zealand winter

Smart skiers and snowboarders are getting more runs for less dollars with Southern Lakes Heliski in the South Island of New Zealand. How? Private charter heli skiing where you and your chosen friends have a helicopter to yourself. Yes, to yourself

While you may think private charters are for the domain of the Fortune 500s, think again. The secret is in the maths.

The cost of a standard mixed group six run heli ski day is NZ$1230* per person with one helicopter servicing four groups, which works out at NZ$205 per run. However, once you step into a private helicopter of just four people (you and three friends) then the cost per run goes down significantly.

A private charter for four people with one helicopter just for you works out at NZ$2248.75 per person but you will average 15 runs in one day, which makes the cost per run less at NZ$149.91 per run.

Costs drop even further once you bring seven skiers with you for a private charter group of eight. The Gold Private Charter offer from Southern Lakes HeliSki is based on two groups of four sharing two hours of flying time and one helicopter. Groups average 12 runs in a day and at a cost of NZ$1374.37 per person, each run ends up being NZ$114.50.

That’s double the runs for only NZ$144 more per person than a standard six run heli day, except you get to ski with just your friends and no one else.

“A private charter sounds like it should cost more, but for truly committed skiers, it represents great value” explains Southern Lakes Heliski Sales and Marketing Manager, Richard Birkby.

“All that’s required is a group of 4 or 8 skiers and snowboarders of similar ability and you can really start to get the goods.”

Southern Lakes Heliski offers a range of private charter offerings to suit skiers and snowboarders of all types, ranging from the Standard Bronze 1.5 hour Charter through to the Gourmet Charter which features lunch at the exclusive Minaret Station Alpine Lodge and the “Unlimited” charter which offers exactly what it promises – you ski until you can’t ski anymore or the sun goes down.

Visit Southern Lakes Heliski for more – www.heliskinz.com

About Southern Lakes Heliski:

Since 1985 Southern Lakes Heli ski has been known for extensive terrain, untouched powder and professionalism throughout the Southern Alps of New Zealand. With more exclusive terrain than any other operator in the region spaning 11 breathtaking mountain ranges, the biggest vertical and boasting over 600 runs, Southern Lakes Heliski’s can make your best day ever a reality. Explore the back country in pristine snow with our highly experienced guides and pilots. Located in both Queenstown and Wanaka we offer a variety of daily and weekly heliskiing packages to suit ability levels from intermediate to expert.

*all currency is in New Zealand dollars

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