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Heather Travels Antarctica

Today I´m taking over Ted Travels to brag about my experience travelling to Antarctica on their early season Off the Beaten Track voyage which offers unique experiences like snowshoeing, skiing and overnight kayaking/camping trips.

Travelling at the start of the season, normally around November, meant there was heaps of ice, pristine snow and enormous icebergs. Having the snowshoes was a great way to explore a bit deeper into the white landscape, as we could hike longer distances and get up to some incredible viewpoints that would be too difficult to get to normally.

The crew were absolutely amazing and came from a really broad range of experience – we had a lady who worked on the legal framework for the Antarctic Treaty (and had a glacier named after her!), an avalanche rescue expert and a historian who worked on the film Happy Feet! Each night, one of the crew would host a “fireside chat”, either an informal lecture or sharing hair-raising adventures.

On the trip I was able to witness some incredible David Attenborough moments! We watch a leopard seal stalk, catch & kill a gentoo penguin; we snowshoed to the top of a mountain overlooking George’s Point and saw the ski group tackle some absolutely incredible slopes, yes you can ski in Antarctica!

We had beautiful and incredibly long Antarctic sunsets where the surrounding snow-capped peaks turn from fiery red to pink, and even got our adrenaline rise experiencing 6-meter swells across the Drake Passage! On the return I was very happy to have the Drake Lake instead!

If you are not sure what cruise to suggest to your clients, we recommend choosing a smaller vessel to maximise the amount of time they spend on shore. Antarctic regulations state that only 100 passengers can go ashore at any one time. All the ships we recommend are expedition vessels with a strong focus on time spent off the boat, while many vessels offer a high level of comfort and amenities, in our opinion, luxury-liners are not cut out for Antarctic exploration.

We have a wide variety of vessels to choose from and we can suggest the one that will suit your client’s best interests, call us in to suggest, plan and take care of your clients one-in-a-lifetime-holiday trip to Antarctica.

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