Having a whale of a time ·

Having a whale of a time

Alight it was freezing (well for Brisbane standards, a balmy 11 degrees) and super choppy but once we saw those whales, all was forgiven!

A fun Saturday outing it was, leaving from South Brisbane we got the opportunity to watch the crazy runners and dragon boaters as we sauntered along the cultural forecourt to reach our departing point by the Wheel of Brisbane. Typically, we left on Murry time, setting sail for Straddie at around 8.30am.

This first of its kind, Indigenous owned whale watching tour out of Brisbane (Yalingbila (Whale) Cruises) offers a truly magical experience.

From June to October each year the humpback whale migration happens on the Queensland Coast and now, with Yalingbila Tours, you can see the mighty whales and their babies as they pass by Point Lookout on Straddie for the first time ever watching the mamma whales teaching their babies all those important whale things….. As we were welcomed on-board tea and coffee was ready to wake and warm us as we set sail, well motor, out to the islands.

Ladies beware, you need your sea-legs about you and something to protect your hair but so long as you embrace the windswept look you’re in for a whaley (sorry couldn’t resist) good time. The boat travels the coastline of the pristine sub-tropical island of Minjerribah (North Stradbroke Island) and its dramatic eastern rocky headlands of Mooloomba (Point Lookout).

Whilst my photography skills are a little sub-par, there were plenty of opportunities to picture the spectacular Queensland coast, the magnificent whales and of course your fellow whale watchers.

Product like this is so important to strengthening Indigenous tourism in Queensland. Cameron Costello (CEO of Quandamooka Yoolooburrabee Aboriginal Corporation – the brains behind this operation) brought his daughter out for the day to celebrate this amazing product. The whole experience was guided by Josh, who offered insight and shared stories about the animals, the history and the heritage. A delicious lunch was provided with an abundance of local fruit. This operation really does champion the locality and all it has to offer.

It’s great to celebrate yet another Indigenous owned tourism product in Queensland. We’re really on a roll!! It’s time to see what we’re all about so get to Queensland asap!!

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