Garuda Indonesia launching new signature dishes ·

Garuda Indonesia launching new signature dishes

Garuda Indonesia, the national airline of Indonesia, introduces ‘The New Signature Dishes of Indonesia’ in Economy Class, highlighting the cultural and culinary diversity of Indonesia.

Local dishes are brought to the fore with the introduction of these in-flight meals. A total of 21 ‘signature dishes from Indonesia’ have been introduced. Aerofood ACS, part of Garuda Indonesia, has created 15 dishes and the other six have been developed in collaboration with the famous restaurant Sari Mande.

This restaurant has several branches in Jakarta and is known for the local Padang cuisine (West Sumatra) and uses coconut milk to simmer meat combined with many chili peppers, which gives the food a tasty flavor.

One of the dishes that has been developed is the popular Nasi Goreng Special. In addition to this popular dish, lesser-known dishes have also been developed, such as the Nasi Tutung Oncom, boiled rice with fermented soy beans.

The other six dishes are based on the cuisine from the area of Padang, including Nasi Padang with rendang daging (beef rendang) or ayam bakar (grilled chicken). Meals from Sari Mande are only available for lunch and dinner and are served on selected routes.

Currently these in-flight meals are only available on domestic flights, but the concept of the new signature dishes from Indonesia will also be rolled out on Garuda Indonesia’s international flights in the near future.

Mr. Pikri Ilham Kurniansyah, Commercial Director, revealed at the unveiling of the new dishes that ‘the signature dishes of Indonesia’ are part of Garuda Indonesia’s desire to create a ‘New Flight Experience’ and to introduce the world to famous local Indonesian cuisines.

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