Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur: Luxurious New Heights ·

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur: Luxurious New Heights

Visitors to the Malaysian capital will notice a new landmark on the rapidly changing skyline in what is one of Asia’s most dynamic cities. Years ago, when the majestic Petronas Towers were first erected in what was then an unfashionable location, the twin towers instantly became the symbol of the city and of Malaysia’s economic progress in general. Now, the area is a forest of daringly designed skyscrapers, the newest being the sumptuous Four Seasons Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

In a city where five-star hotels sprout like mushrooms after the rain, Four Seasons has elevated luxury accommodation to a new level both literally and figuratively. Immediately adjacent to Suria KLCC/Petronas Towers complex, the latest addition to the Kuala Lumpur cityscape exudes an air of opulence even on the exterior. Inside, the quality of materials used in construction is reiterated in the sumptuous but understated decor, cleverly integrating the Four Seasons theme with local sensibilities. Rooms are big; suites are enormous. Kuala Lumpur ranks as one of the world’s great bargain cities for five-star hotel accommodation; what covers the cost of a shoebox hotel room in London, Paris, or New York secures a grand suite at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur. If ever there were a city to indulge in a luxury hotel stay, KL is it. The gorgeous Ambassador Suite, larger than many city apartments, is a deluxe home away from home where every detail is perfected to suit the needs of the resident. And if that resident needs to stay in Kuala Lumpur permanently, the Four Seasons Private Residences are available for purchase.

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

That luxury extends to the dining experiences as well. From the wagyu and foie gras burger in The Lounge to the honey-infused beverages in the Four Seasons bar, Trigona, with a stop at the extravagant buffet in Curate along the way, guests at Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur better come hungry. They certainly will not leave that way. For a truly special dining occasion, the refined Yun House is a beautiful venue for enjoying the finest in regional Chinese cuisine in elegant surroundings. As would be expected, there is a beautiful pool area and a well-appointed gym located on the same level as the beautiful spa.

For the cultured guests staying at Four Seasons, art exhibitions at Galeri Petronas and musical performances at the grand Petronas Philharmonic Hall, both located in the Suria KLCC/Petronas Towers complex just across the way, provide suitable entertainment. Galeri Petronas hosts a rotating display of impressive artwork in its expansive gallery within the shopping centre. As for the concert hall, it is very pleasant indeed to attend a recital at the Philharmonic and enjoy the rare (in KL) treat of being able to walk a hundred or so metres back to the hotel after the performance.

Shopping is a major pastime in Kuala Lumpur, and though the Suria KLCC mall is so close, shopping for Four Seasons guests is even closer. There is a discreet door from the Four Seasons ground-floor lobby directly into Robinsons department store, the largest of the retail and food establishments in Four Seasons Place, Four Seasons’ own collection of shops and restaurants. Among them is a food court where authentic, Malaysian-style street food is readily available in less formal surroundings.

Maybe it is called Four Seasons because guests can expect excellence all year long, or maybe because a year can go by without guests even noticing the fleeting time as they enjoy the hotel and all it offers. Either way, Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur is one of the brand’s most glamorous properties.

Four Seasons Kuala Lumpur

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