Explore the gems of ancient Greece with STUBA ·

Explore the gems of ancient Greece with STUBA

Greece. Probably the most important player in much of current day arts, philosophy, politics and democracy. From the alphabet, to much of the food we enjoy, Greece has had its finger in the pie, and remains one of the worlds top tourist destinations world wide. With over 24.8 million visitors, and a population of only 11 million, you’re guaranteed top service !

The Greek empire rose around 1200 to 800 BC, being the Golden Age of Greece, lasting centuries and nurtured scientific, political, artistic and literary development.

The golden age of Greek tourism is, or course,  Now ! The best time to visit Greece is , strangely enough, tourist season: April through to October, with peak season being July through August. Pleasant  weather for those not keen on extremes, would be May to June

With tourist hot spots scattered all over the country, some of the best things to arrange for your clients are:

Athens Scenic Bike Tour: check out the Roman Forum, Dipylon Gate, Ancient Agora, Acropolis,  and much more, while burning off some calories.

Climb Mount Olympus: Travel to Litochoro to take the trek. Don’t feel bad if you cant make it to the top; there’s plenty of satisfaction getting half way.

– Take a seat in the Epidaurus Theatre: dating back to the 4th century , marvel at the tiers and let your mind wander as to the day to day activities of the Greeks.

Hephaestus Temple : Admire the elegant architecture and garden surrounds, of the temple dating back to 450 BC perched on Agoreao Koronos Hill.

– Marvel at something made in the last thousand years ! – The Corinth Canal was created by Nero, but only completely finished in the 19th Century

Whatever the timeframe, budget, and experience of your client, Stuba can help the dreams of a lifetime come true. With over 2,800 Properties across Greece, there’s always something for everyone ! 



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