Do You Know Your Travelling Pax? ·

Do You Know Your Travelling Pax?

Its not so hard to get in their head!

Knowing your client’s needs and what they require is super important for not only them but because  it makes it easier  to engage and close the sale. Understanding your clients is key to providing good customer service, which builds a stronger client relationship and increase sales through positive word of mouth.

The difficult part is identifying your client’s preferences and patterns so that you can get ahead and exceed expectations –  the below suggestions are a great start in knowing your clients better 

  • Identify them – categorise your clients into groups so that you can provide effective marketing campaigns. It could be the type of product, how frequent they buy, where they are located or the type of person (family, couple, business).
  • Effective social media – customers are spending on average 6 hours a day on social media, which is why it’s such an inexpensive and effective tool that can drive sales and influence opinion. Target specific clients based on specials, trends or destinations, which will potentially yield new and existing clients and get people talking. Social media stalking? they put it out there, read it!
  • Tracking client trends – not everyone has software to track client information; however this can be as simple as noting down how frequent a client travels, destinations, who they travel with and their spending patterns. Setting up alerts and reminders to follow up will ensure you’re kept up to date.
  • Client loyalty – not easy to come by and built over time, however it can also be lost within the blink of an eye if not maintained. The key to obtaining customer loyalty is asking questions, as this identifies what the client wants. Also how often are you true to your promises? How often are they broken?



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