Dip your toe into the Mediterranean with STUBA ·

Dip your toe into the Mediterranean with STUBA

With a multitude of tourism options, the Mediterranean coast is an ideal destination to those clients who love to beach it. Golden sands, warm sun, and a cocktail of the day would satisfy most of us.

But lets be honest, there are world renowned beaches in Australia, closer and cheaper. So why head overseas ? The are many reasons, especially to a place such as Dubrovnik in Croatia. Faced onto the Adriatic sea, Dubrovnik is Croatia’s jewel of the crown, and is famous for its old town, with massive walls completed in the 16th century. Superbly preserved over time, the city has pristine examples of Baroque, Gothic and Renaissance architecture.

Many may know already, but Dubrovnik is the one location set for Game of Thrones, with the old town standing in for Kings Landing, and the city walls in many scenes.

The central city is scattered with spectacular churches, fountains museums and monasteries. A hotspot for the rich and famous, Dubrovnik even has a Pope (Pope John Paul II) as one of its honorary citizens!

But lets cut to the chase; what should you advise your clients to do in Dubrovnik ? Sometimes, its better to explore the less touristy, hidden gems:

1. Rolands Column: Also known as Orlando’s column, the flag stone depicts the legendary knight. Erected in 1950, it raises the flag each year on the commencement of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival.

2. Sponza Palace: Superbly preserved Gothic Renaissance, essentially as it was before the 1667 earthquake that caused so much devastation.

3. Placa Stradum: The old town central street where the action is. Take a walk with an ice-cream. check out the night life, and admire the Baroque architecture remaining following the earth quake.

4. Franciscan Monastery: This magnificent building with church houses a Romanesque cloister, and one of the oldest pharmacy’s in the world.

5. Dubrovnik Natural History Museum: A quirky one; the museum houses a large taxidermy collection going back to 1876. Not for the squeamish, or fan of animals that are actually alive..

6. Game Of Thrones Walking Tour: sure, its not exactly culture, but fans of the TV show will love one of the many walking tours available. A great way to see the city itself.

7. Lapad Beach: A popular sandy beach area on the Lapad Peninsula 30 mins walk from the old town. There are plenty of restaurants and cafe’s, and is one of the more popular beaches. There are also trees…yes trees. Great for shade and keeping your skin in top condition !




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