Club Med survey prepares travel industry for the next big thing ·

Club Med survey prepares travel industry for the next big thing

Survey busts myth of adventure-seeking solo millennial traveller

A recent survey by Club Med, the French vacation giant specializing in premium all-inclusive (PAIs) holidays across the world, debunks some of the myths around the travel habits of millennials. The survey conducted amongst 4,500 millennial travellers across Australia, Japan, Korea and Singapore provided Club Med with plenty of insights into the future of travel and anticipates the rise of a rapidly growing demographic that is set to take the hospitality industry by storm: familyoriented millennials.

Men might be from Mars and Women from Venus, but when it comes to travelling, Club Med’s millennial survey, bursts that bubble and finds that men and women behave very similarly, with a small exception that women tend to show a slight preference (12 percent) for planning their holidays more than 3 months ahead of time when compared to men.

Club Med Busts the Myth of Adventure-Seeking Solo Millennial Traveller

The Club Med survey also dispels the oft-romanticized trope of the lone wandering millennial traveller out for adventure. Instead, millennials tend to travel twice a year, preferably in groups, with only 10 percent of respondents indicating that they travel most often solo.

With the millennial generation representing an increasingly large share of the population, the traditional social unit of the nuclear family is evolving. When asked who they travel most often with, millennials indicate that they travel most often with their family, followed by partners and then friends. With 32 percent of respondents married without children, this points to a broader view of the family unit for millennials, with their main family structure expanding to include an extended family rather than the traditional social unit of mother, father and children in a nuclear family. The survey further emphasises this point with a significant 44 percent of millennials travelling often because of their families as the principle driver.

Having said that, independence is still a key trait of millennials. At least 60 percent of the respondents regard themselves as the final decision makers when making travel plans, relying essentially on their own personal experiences and individual research from online resources to select their travel destinations, rather than seeking advice from their friends, social media feeds, the media or traditional experts like travel agents or travel fairs for input and inspiration.

Unwinding with a Seamless Travel Experience

In the survey of 4,500 millennial travellers in countries across Asia, Club Med has found that above all else, millennials feel that staying connected is their top concern when traveling abroad – for 76.1 percent of all respondents, the availability of WIFI is ‘important’ or ‘extremely important’ in their choice of holiday accommodations. This is in contrast to previous generations who preferred to go “off the grid” while on holiday.

With the main motivator of traveling to unwind and get away from the stress of daily life, millennials show a marked preference for a seamless travel experience in preferring to offload the handling of logistics to third parties. An appreciation of the convenience of airport transfers, late check-outs and cashless payments over the availability of a large range of activities characterizes this modern generation of travellers.

Creating the Perfect Holiday Experience – for Millennials, by Millennials

To better understand the traits and preferences of millennials when it comes to travel, respondents were prompted to create a checklist of their ideal holiday. Key insights from the survey, ranked in order of importance, highlights opportunities for hospitality providers to improve guest experience for better engagement with millennial travellers:

• Beautiful natural surroundings
• Sightseeing and excursion options
• Unlimited food and beverages
• International & Friendly atmosphere with amazing hosts

The pioneering brand of the all-inclusive vacation concept, Club Med has upgraded its services to cater to the desires of the generation with the most purchasing power – millennials. From 360-degree virtual reality tours for pre-holiday planning, uninterrupted wireless connectivity, cashless payments and interconnecting family rooms, to a specially created Resort app providing information, reservation options and in-built chat function to avoid international charges for texts, Club Med has been innovative in staying
at the forefront of a first class guest experience.

Targeting Family-Oriented Millennials

Quintessentially a family resort, Club Med offers young guests from the age of two and up tailored experiences through Club Med’s signature activities such as cooking lessons, group games and more. It’s a perfect worry-free holiday for families with children. The survey conducted shows at 80 percent of millennials in favour of the Children’s Club ensuring fun for both the parents and children.

The 67 year-old Club Med has a policy of hiring talented multi-cultural millennials to fill guests-interacting G.O (Gentil Organisateur) positions who are fun and friendly – effectively staying young at heart. This is further amplified in the survey where at least 32 percent of the respondents felt that family-friendly staff were important.

About the Survey

The survey was commissioned by Club Med and conducted online by an independent research organisation in early 2017. The survey polled 4,500 millennial travellers across Australia, Japan, Korea and Singapore, defined as individuals between the ages of 21 – 35 who have travelled overseas and are residing in metro areas, prior to taking the survey.
*Refer to Appendix A for survey findings

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