Cancelled ATAS Accreditations ·

Cancelled ATAS Accreditations

The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) wishes to advise industry and consumers that the following travel participants are no longer ATAS Accredited.


A.L Travel (ABN: 53719842830)
Aus Voyage Pty Ltd (ABN: 95601869952)
Australian Capital Travel (ABN: 53719842830)
Blue Ocean Travel (ABN: 17612118840)
Discount Air Travel (ABN: 80119344768)
Emerald Travel (ABN: 80867769363)
Flight Travel (ABN: 92453685402)
Flightwizard (ABN: 58143957724)
Go Up Travel (ABN: 63151325852)
Helen Wong’s Tours (ABN: 45061891263)
HT Travel Centre (ABN: 12102767386)
NB Holidays (ABN: 94169380983)
Royal Discovery Holiday (ABN: 90219627701)
Skyblue Escapes (ABN: 80603624264)
Southern Cross Travel (ABN: 52055465122)
Trans Turk Travel (ABN: 11001906538)
Travel Dons (ABN: 93615987892)
Utravel Group (ABN: 25159944573)
Venus Holiday Australia (ABN: 95169370889)
Zara World Travel (ABN: 22586164670)

Voluntarily withdrawn:

Braga Travel (ABN: 93212984931)
Beyondz Travel (ABN: 2862097761)
AEA Australian Education Alliance (ABN: 49607180478)
Go Travel Group (ABN: 25101090653)
R2R Travel (ABN: 55614116559)
Tamborine Travel (ABN: 88423067059)
Travel Jet Centre (ABN: 96136641953)

ATAS participants who are no longer accredited must immediately take steps to remove any logo or reference to AFTA or ATAS from their website, business cards, any ancillary internet or social media sites you may use (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn), any printed material used to promote your business like brochures, flyers or newsletters and any other in store promotional materials used like certificates, stickers or window decals.

Cancelled Participants are no longer eligible for the AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS).

A notice has been posted to this effect on the AFTA website pursuant to s6.2 of the ATAS Charter.

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