Bob Guy Announces Retirement from Destination Asia ·

Bob Guy Announces Retirement from Destination Asia

It is with sincere gratitude for all his accomplishments that we are announcing the retirement of senior manager Bob Guy. After nine years at Destination Asia that involved opening the Singapore office in 2010 and then Malaysia in 2011, Bob has decided it is time to conclude his active role in the Asian inbound, DMC, meeting and events and cruise business segments to enjoy retirement.

Bob’s career spans more than 50 years in the travel industry with active roles in the United States, the Fiji Islands, Australia and numerous Asian countries including Singapore where he was been based for nearly 40 years. His career in the DMC segment began in Fiji in 1973 and concluded as managing director of Destination Asia in Malaysia and previously Singapore where he served alongside colleagues to develop innovative tours, shore excursions and new destinations.

In addition to company activities he served as advisor to several governments including those in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia, including years as a director of both the Singapore Tourist Promotion Board and the Sentosa Development Corporation.

Bob is succeeded in Destination Asia Malaysia by Sadie Yeoh, General Manager, who has led a team in the office since 2011. Sadie will drive forward new initiatives to further develop the key sectors as she oversees all business activity from the now four operational offices located across Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Langkawi & Kota Kinabalu).

James Reed

I have known Bob for over 35 years, many of them while he was with Pacific World and I was with Tour East – and then the company I formed with colleagues, Destination Asia. To me one of Bob’s main contributions to the travel industry was sharing his knowledge of the DMC business. He set standards and tirelessly gave of himself for the betterment of all inbound DMCs. Yes, we were competitors, but Bob excelled in the lobbying for advanced standards of operations. Bob’s main love was (and still is) MICE, though he was also one of the first Cruise Ship ground operators when there was little “port infrastructure” in the Far East. And I would be remiss to not mention Bob’s wife, Gill Guy, who was always there to support Bob. Bob and I became dear friends – and I will always cherish that relationship.

James Reed,
Executive Chairman Destination Asia

Addie Hirunkate

I have known Bob for nearly 40 years and I thank him for training me in the field of meetings and incentives. He has long been a key player in enticing US Incentive clients over to Southeast Asia – and not just M&I clients, he has also worked tirelessly in promoting the Far East to a whole host of cruise lines. I learned so much from Bob on how to manage many of our top clients – he is indeed the M&I and Cruise guru!

Addie Hirunkate,
Managing Director Destination Asia Thailand

Sadie Yeoh

We wouldn’t have come this far without Bob’s long-sighted business vision. I’ve learned much from his exceptional leadership over a period of three decades. Bob is truly a one of a kind and compassionate leader. The team and I thank Bob for the great opportunities he has provided in our career advancement. Cheers to a hard-earned and well-deserved retirement for yourself and Gill – we love you both!

Sadie Yeoh,
General Manager Destination Asia Malaysia

Nicholas Mulley

Over the course of his time with Destination Asia, Bob has been a tremendous resource for the Group not only in terms of his experience but his knowledge of the industry. I have never met a person with such in depth and detailed knowledge of every aspect of our business spanning many decades. His insight and guidance has helped many people, including myself, navigate complex aspects of the business and ultimately supported them in making the right decisions for the company.

Nicholas Mulley,
Chief Operating Officer Destination Asia

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