Azerai Can Tho opens with a Grand Gala Event ·

Azerai Can Tho opens with a Grand Gala Event

The 2nd of June 2018 marked a magical and memorable evening for Azerai Can Tho celebrated with a Grand Opening Gala Event. The hotel transformed into a magnificent party ground, where the swimming pool was converted to a fashion catwalk, while our guests dined on exquisite cuisine under the stars in the comfort of an elegantly decorated marquee. It was a tantalizing night for the senses – from the grand fireworks display to the beautifully choreographed performancewas honored by the presence of Azula Chairman, Mr. Adrian Zecha, Novaland Group Chairman, Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon and International Supermodel Naomi Campbell.

Azerai Can Tho came to life through the combined passion of the leading prestigious real estate developer in Vietnam – Novaland Group and the Azerai Hotel brand of the legendary hotelier Adrian Zecha, presenting a distinctive experience for visitors. Azerai offers an ideal resting place, with perfect blend of a stunning landscape, local culture and history, added with refined services, ensuring relaxation for discerning travelers.

Mr. Bui Thanh Nhon, Chairman of Novaland Group, and investor of Azerai Can Tho shared in his opening speech: “Mekong River is beyond doubt a masterpiece of nature, filled with cultural history. Famous for its variety of tropical fruits, fresh food, riverside beauty and heartwarming locals, Can Tho is truly rich with heritage.

It is unfair for the Mekong Delta to suffer from climate change: rivers run out of fish, saltwater intrusion destroy crops, fertile gardens disappear, thousands of households forced to leave their houses. That’s why the Mekong Delta needs to be preserved with proper investment.

The Grand Opening of Azerai Can Tho has not just marked a major milestone in the development of Novaland group but also the opening of a brand new travel destination for the world. With passion and the right efforts, the Southwest region will have enough resources to face climate change. The environment, natural landscape and timeless river culture will be preserved. The Mekong Delta will be a place of peace and calmness. Mekong Delta is where we touch our heritage, our traditional values, blended with modern quintessence.”

Sharing about the cooperation with Novaland group, Mr Adrian Zecha said: “Vietnam is one of the fascinating and potential travel destination, in which Mekong Delta region is considered as one of the most beautiful landscape in Asia. With deep local understanding, Novaland group has shared the same orientation and business vision as the Azerai brand – to develop Azerai in line with sustainable tourism development in Can Tho. After 3 years of construction and lots of efforts by many people, Azerai has exceeded my expectations.”

International Supermodel Naomi Campbell shared: “Come from the inspiration of fashion, music and traditional art, conveyed in a fresh way, Azerai Can Tho offers a relaxing resort experience with open space. Thank you my dear friend Adrian Zecha – the legendary hotelier for creating one more incredible hotel in Vietnam.”

With its enviable setting and offerings, Azerai Can Tho is a unique lifestyle destination hotel catering to both leisure and business travelers.


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