AXA Partners launches PLEEZ ·

AXA Partners launches PLEEZ

AXA Partners, AXA’s global team dedicated to co-building tailored innovative solutions with its partners, has launched PLEEZ, a unique hybrid personal assistant solution. AXA Partners is positioning itself as a forerunner by launching a solution that combines artificial intelligence, human expertise and AXA’s international network of concierge service providers.

Developed in collaboration with French start-up Wiidii, the PLEEZ app offers multiple services through simple voice command or chat access. With this innovation, AXA Partners sets out to enrich its partners’ customer experience.

PLEEZ helps make users’ daily lives easier by providing them with everything from recommendations to reservations when it comes to restaurant, transportation, hospitality and culture and leisure services.

The app’s AI learns about the preferences and tastes of the user on a continuous basis to improve the services it offers. Dedicated experts take over to answer questions when required, without impacting response time. PLEEZ’s many services are based on AXA’s international network of concierge service providers, which has evolved over more than 20 years.

“Over the last three years, there’s been a profound shift in the traditional concierge service market, especially with the advent of new digital players, which has led to new consumption patterns. Within this context, we’ve launched PLEEZ with the goal of offering a unique experience to our partners’ customers. The European launch is only the first step. PLEEZ is currently being deployed in North and South America and will roll out in Asia over the course of the year.” Serge Morelli, Deputy CEO of AXA Partners.

“We are very pleased to partner with AXA Partners for this innovative venture; it’s an exciting project. Knowing such an important group relies on our cutting-edge technology makes us very proud!” Cédric Dumas, Wiidii Founder.

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