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Ann Sherry Named Shared Value Champion For 2019 In Prestigious Award Program

Ann Sherry has been named Australia’s Shared Value Champion for 2019 in recognition of her leadership in ensuring South Pacific communities share the benefits of the growth of cruise tourism.

Ms Sherry, who led Carnival Australia as CEO for more than ten years and remains associated with the organisation in her current role of adviser, said she was privileged and honoured to have been nominated for the award.

The award program is an initiative of the Shared Value Project, an organisation dedicated to linking business strategy to solving social issues profitably. It leverages the resources and innovation of the private sector to create a more prosperous environment.

Unable to attend the presentation ceremony, Ms Sherry accepted her award in a video message in which she said shared value was central to business leadership.

“Shared value is so important in the current business context and incredibly important when the world is crying out for leadership in so many ways,” Ms Sherry said.

“I believe that shared value is at the core of business strategy and it is not something that we do in isolation from the business.

“Shared value has also been at the core of the transformation of the cruise industry in Australia. The transformation was built on the principle of creating opportunities for the communities that we visit and for people to be able to describe the difference that it has made.”

Carnival Australia’s ongoing commitment to shared value, which were developed under Ms Sherry’s leadership include:

  • Developing destination management plans and encouraging the development of local job generating shore tour businesses
  • Devoting more than $2 million from the guest funded P&O Pacific Partnership to community programs in Vanuatu and Papua New Guinea
  • Employing a large number of Ni Van crew on P&O Cruises cruise ships

Ms Sherry thanked the Shared Value Project for the award and said she continued to carry the shared value concept to other boards and organisations with which she was involved.

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