A tantalising taste of Italy ·

A tantalising taste of Italy

Travel Associates’ businesses in South Australian teamed up with Trafalgar and TV Chef Adam Swanson this week, to create a local version of an Italian Culinary Adventure, hosting 35 clients to a tantalising taste of Italy.

As Adam is hosting a group departure in September, Travel Associates and Trafalgar were promoting the exciting itinerary, and with Adam guiding the tour to Italy, clients will be sure to immerse themselves in “La Dolce Vita.”

It was simply a magical day. Activities started in the markets at Lucia’s for a coffee (Lucia’s is an Adelaide institution).

Then Adam did a short tour around some of the stalls for various tastings, followed by a trip to the Barossa Valley, visiting Adam’s restaurant, Barossa Cucina.

Here a few lucky participants helped make pizzas, and the whole group enjoyed the taste sensations that make up great Italian food, washed down with Italian wine.

For the full package details please visit https://www.travelassociates.com

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