2019 Canada Corroboree exceeds all expectations ·

2019 Canada Corroboree exceeds all expectations

Canada Corroboree 2019 drew to a close last week, following a highly successful two-week road show, featuring more Canadian tour operators and tourism offices than ever before.

Donna Campbell, Managing Director, Destination Canada GSA, says the growing interest in Canada Corroboree reflects Australia’s importance to the Canadian tourism market.

“The Australian market falls within the top 10 travel markets for visitation to Canada, with Millennials and the over-50s demographics being the fastest growing,” says Donna. “This year’s road show was the biggest and best yet, with exhibitors attending from all over Canada.

“Corroboree fulfills the vital role of providing the Australian travel industry and media with first-hand information about lesser-known destinations and experiences, from authentic Canadian adventures and winter experiences, to wildlife encounters and culinary offerings.”

The roadshow visited Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney, showcasing the country’s new and amazing experiences to travel agents and media. More than 700 travel agents had the chance to network with 41 Canadian representatives, with four lucky agents winning an all-expenses paid trip to Canada. Additionally, a total of 33 Australian tour operators attended the highly successful B2B event in Sydney.

“Canada Corroboree is an outstanding opportunity for the Australian travel industry to gain first-hand information about the latest tourism products and experiences,” says Nathan McLoughlin, Director – Trade, Destination Canada GSA.

“We were thrilled to have so many new Canadian partners join us. The 700 plus travel agents we reached throughout the road show were highly engaged and inspired by our entertaining evening, themed “If only you knew what was new.”

Almost 90 Australian travel writers, editors, influencers and broadcasters attended Canada Corroboree media luncheons in Melbourne and Sydney, where they were treated to gourmet cuisine at Alfred Place and Uccello restaurants respectively, and experienced a journey of discovery through Canada’s wildlife, landscapes, and new urban offerings.

The Canada Corroboree Media Award was presented to travel writers Tim Richards and John Barker, for their outstanding media coverage generated through their own first-hand adventures in Canada.

“Our media program aims to inspire travel writers by helping them make their dreams a reality,” says Pip Macken, Director – Media, Destination Canada GSA. “Whether that means witnessing polar bears in their natural habitat or immersing themselves in the story-telling culture of the Atlantic provinces, we want to help media across all platforms tell a compelling story so their audience will be motivated to experience it for themselves.”

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