Travel Elite Club celebrated its 10 Anniversary ·

Travel Elite Club celebrated its 10 Anniversary

Approximately 40 plus  guests  attended.

Venue: Rooftop Garden: Great Atmosphere,  superb Service  & Menu, magnificent  Christmas Decorations

 Great networking; everybody had a Ball  !!   TEC Club New Theme  We are Family  introduced   13 ladies attended

All Guests introduced personally  by mine host Bill Mc Namara  Editor at Large  ETB News Sydney Based

Kris Kringle Presentations coordinated by Santas Helpers  Adrian Miller /Phil O Connell  GREAT JOB !!

Next Half Year Lunch  July 23rd   2020 Fortune Village Chinese Restaurant   -TEC  Christmas Lunch  Tuesday Ist Dec  2020  Royal Oak Hotel

Rooftop   Garden

Travel Elite Club Members & Select Guests   Invitation

Venue Address   Royal Oak Hotel Rooftop  Garden & Bar  Bay St  Double Bay   NewXmas  Venue !!

Date  Tuesday3rd th December   1230 /1600   Note Lunch Format Below

Mandatory Kris Kringle  Gify  all guests  must bring XmasGift  Value AUD  20   Gift wrapped  NO Exceptions

After receiving Welcome Drink & Placing your Main Course  at BarOrder

 Proceed to Christmas Tree  & Give to   Santas Helpers!! Adrian Miller & Phil O Connell

Theywill  give your gift  a number   guest will  pick a  numbered raffle ticket collect your gift at end of Lunch from under the Christmas Tree   HO  Ho  !!

Confirmed/Acceptances   Prepayment  received thanks

Janette Davie   Former  GM      Mastercard/ Pinpoint Travel  Group

Alan Colllingwood  Former MD  Tic TRAVEL Group / Travel Mentor

Sue  Francis  MD   Tge Travel Industry  Club

Gary Manuel  DOS   una Park Events

Stevan Sipka   EGM   Alliances   Western  Sydney Airport

Brian  Hallett   Former Sr FSD Qantas Airways

Brett Jowett   MD  Wow Collection Events  group

Roslyn  Davio  GM  Atour  Travel  Group

Gino  Davio  Director    Atour   Travel Group

Peter Frawley   MD   Metro Hospitality  Group

Jacko Burkitt   Former DOS     Air France

Bruce Gregory   Former GM/Exec  Dir     Qantas / Sitmar Cruises  /CITI

Roscoe Neary  Former  Inflight Mgr Qantas

Trevor Lake Former  MD  Classical  Oriental  Tours

Gai Tyrell   MD  Globus  Family Travel Brands   Australasia

 Mike Hatton Former  President  AFTA

Joyce  Weir  Former NBDM  Hawaiian Airlines

 Anthony Cassar   MD   Aviation  Online /Centrecom Fiji

Col Hughes  Exec Director   Aviation Online

Tony Wilson  GM   Breakaway Travel Club

Jill  Zukerman   Mkt Mgr  Sanford Corporate Travel

Geoff  Hudspeth Former  Exec Director   Key/Internet  Travel Group

Bill McNamara     Editor at Large  ETB News  / MD AMAP

Fiona Rose   GDOS   Lux  Collection Hotel Group

Carole Parsons   MD  Call Incentives

Gary  Urwin   MD    Mercantile  Partners  Hospitality Group

Jenny Lorkin    DOS  Avis Rent a Car

Adrian Miller  MD  Pacific Star

Laura Parsons   Director  Call Incentives

 Peter MacLaughlin   Former VP GSA/ GM  NSW   Qantas

Barbara Whitten  MD   Any Where  Travel  Group

Phil O Connell Former  NSM Mgr        Malaysian  Airlines

Charles  Chilla  Shaw       MD           Travel Sales  Grp

Julian Good   MD   Good Liasons  Travel Group

Paul Christie   Former MD     Axis Events

Marie Anderson   Former Sales/Res Mgr  Air India

Andrew Denman  GGM  Mkt   Experience  Travel Group

Lisa Dosanjh   DOSM   Air Tahitu  Nui

Gary Foux  Mgr   Right Directions  Events

Eddy Krieger MD   VIP Inbound  / Burin  Croatia Luxury Yatch Cruises t

John Hogan  Doran   Director  Eddy Krieger  Travel Representation  Group

Gary Foux  Mgr   Right Directions  Events

Brian  Hallett   Former Sr FSD   Qantas Airways




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