The teenagers saving the Pacific Ocean ·

The teenagers saving the Pacific Ocean

The Islands of Tahiti are home to an abundance of marine wildlife, and while the oceans surrounding The Islands are crystal clear and truly stunning, by 2050 this could all change.

A group of 18-20 year olds, who live on Mo’orea, are passionate about the water that surrounds them and the marine life within it – and are determined to preserve them. Taking the ever-growing issue of the deteriorating health of the ocean into their own hands, this group of young adults has named themselves The Coral Gardeners.

Growing up on Mo’orea, the teenagers have seen how rapidly the coral reef has changed, for the worse. All surfers, freedivers, and fishermen – and with salt water running through their veins – the teenagers aim to change the future of the ocean’s wellbeing, starting with The Islands’ reefs.

As the largest and most complex ecosystem on the planet, coral reefs are rich habitats and are home to more than 25% of marine life, including over 4,000 species of fish, 700 species of coral, and thousands of organisms. Not only of enormous value to the ocean, coral reefs provide humans with food, jobs, protection from storms, flooding and erosion, and offer huge opportunities for biomedical research.

The sad news is, due to pollution and climate change from a wide range of human activity, the coral reef in The Islands of Tahiti has reduced in size by 50%, and that’s where The Coral Gardeners come in.

They’re on a mission to teach the world more about the threat on coral reefs and to restore the Mo’orea reef through their very own conservation program.

Through conferences with the general public, visitors, and schools, The Coral Gardeners educate adults and children of all ages about the coral’s health and what they’re doing to restore the reef surrounding The Islands.

The teens plant healthy coral fragments back onto the reef to encourage growth and to rebuild habitats. The idea is to transplant coral cuttings into threatened areas of the reef, which will help to recreate the reef environment so that marine wildlife can prosper and strengthen the health of the surrounding ocean.

The planting of healthy coral is where the general public can help with immediate affect. Anyone, from anywhere in the world, can adopt a piece of coral that The Coral Gardeners will replant and take care of until it can survive and flourish on it its own.

Already supported by well known ambassadors such as surfer Teiva Joyeux and Olympic swimming champion Florent Manaudou, from just $40 AUD, individuals can help to restore the Mo’orea coral reef, and through the knowledge that The Coral Gardeners share, this small group of teens could help to change the health of the coral reefs all around the world.

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