Spectacular events at Fairground Follies ·

Spectacular events at Fairground Follies

Housed within a blank warehouse canvas in Bowral’s semi industrial precinct is what can only be described as the Southern Highlands best kept secret and newest and most unique attraction – Fairground Follies – an antique, mechanical music museum.

Destination Southern Highlands were fortunate in being able to host their first Industry After Hours event for 2019 at this very special venue. Guests attending were in complete awe as they entered the venue after only being told that the March Event was being held at a Mystery location.

A visit to Fairground Follies will literally transfer everyone who visits back to the days of their childhood, the music, the lights and the biggest smiles.

Fairground Follies is home to some of the world’s most significant and historically unique pieces of fairground memorabilia, filled to the brim with organs, instruments and fairground mechanical pieces, all in working order and playing their music to simply delight all who visit, young and old.

Guests are welcomed to the venue under a veil of 1,000 fairy lights which immediately provide a sneak peak of what’s in store. And WOW, what is in store will blow your mind! From the enormous 100 year old English Carousel, with its 30 ornately handcrafted timber horses and cockerels, rotating in a clockwise direction to give the impression of a galloping action as they go up and down, or the Mortier Taj Mahal (101 key), organ built by the company Mortier in Antwerp, Belgium in 1924, and regarded as being the ultimate instrument and the only one remaining in the world. Over 1,000 light globes adorn the facade, along with over 1,000 pipes, snare drum, bass drum, woodblocks, triangle, castanets, xylophone and other unique instruments – it is spectacular to see and hear the 8.5mtr long by 8mtr high gold embellished Taj Mahal playing modern or traditional music.

The venue itself can be used for private functions, parties, weddings and more, with its historic fairground theme and mechanical music, it can be themed or sized, according to the imagination or requirements of customers.

Enquiries for visits, photography, events and general enquiries can be made directly to Fairground Follies by phone: 0419 866 855 or email craig@crobson.com.au.

You can also visit the website: https://www.fairgroundfollies.com


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