Outer Atoll Surf Experience at COMO Maalifushi ·

A True Outer Atoll Surf Experience at COMO Maalifushi

COMO Maalifushi is proud to be launching the Surf Pass programme in partnership with luxury surf company, Tropicsurf. Surfers will experience a true atoll adventure, unparalleled elsewhere in the Maldives, with easy access to the Thaa, Laamu and Dhaalu Atolls in the archipelago’s remote southwest region.

 With the launch of COMO Maalifushi’s Surf Pass Programme, guests can take a boat trip to three atolls and more than 20 distinct, isolated and relatively unknown surf breaks. The Thaa Atoll coastline is known for its consistency, with swells captured from numerous directions. Surfers can ride on Farms – a perfect right-hander with an idyllic backdrop, delivering mechanical-shaped waves from a contoured reef-corner ideal for noseriding, shortboarding or stand-up paddle boarding.

For the more adventurous, Tropicsurf’s knowledgeable instructors can take guests to a string of uninhabited islands further south, with excellent surf breaks including a few highly prized secrets.

 Mark Winson, General Manager of Tropicsurf, says: “A surf programme at COMO Maalifushi rivals the versatility of a live-aboard surf charter while featuring the luxury appointments of a five-star resort base. We are really excited to be expanding our surf offering in this isolated part of the Maldives, giving guests the opportunity to surf totally empty breaks.”

Pietro Addis, General Manager, COMO Maalifushi concludes: “COMO Maalifushi is thrilled to be revolutionising the current Maldives surf scene and giving our guests a signature COMO experience that will create lifelong memories.”

The Surf Pass Programme is available on a seasonal basis between April and October. April is an excellent month for glassy conditions, while May signals the start of the rainy season. June to September offers largerswells and more consistency, while October tends to have smaller swells that are fairly reliable. Water remains ata near constant temperature of 30°C year-round.
COMO Maalifushi’s daily Surf Pass costs US$245 (approx. AU$340) per person and includes:

  • Luxury speed-boat journey to the waves
  • Access to the three atolls and 20 distinct surf breaks, dependent on conditions
  • Tropicsurf coach and guide
  • Sunscreen, water and towels

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