JCDecaux set to unveil multimillion dollar investment at Sydney Airport ·

JCDecaux set to unveil multimillion dollar investment at Sydney Airport

JCDecaux is set to unveil a multimillion-dollar investment at T3 Domestic terminal as Sydney Airport appoints the company as its exclusive advertising partner across all domestic and international terminals for the first time.

JCDecaux will reveal more than 60 new, state-of-the-art digital and static opportunities at T3 that capture the premium Qantas travelling audience. In addition, JCDecaux now has the exclusive advertising rights for Sydney Airport’s terminals 1, 2 and 3, plus the external arrivals and departures areas and aerobridges.

The newest advertising assets at Sydney Airport’s T3, which will launch on July 22nd, provide a wealth of new advertising opportunities for brands to connect with business and luxury travellers.

Sydney Airport’s T3 Domestic is home to Australia’s iconic airline Qantas that boasts almost 13 million frequent flyers1. This new portfolio will connect with Qantas travellers at every touchpoint of their airport terminal journey, from check-in, concourse, gate lounges, baggage collection and the external airport arrivals areas.

More than 50% of visitors to Australia arrive in Sydney, with an 83% increase since 2000 to 44.4 million people in 2018, comprising 27.7 domestic and 16.7 million international passengers2.

JCDecaux will use its own Orbit geo-demographic data to reveal where the Sydney Airport audience lives and other socio-economic data, plus its Codex transactional data both at the airport precinct and beyond.

JCDecaux Chief Marketing Officer, Essie Wake, said: “Our new portfolio in Sydney Airport’s T3 and the highly desirable Qantas audience, transforms the advertiser offering in the airport environment. This audience is four times more likely to be the highest socio-economic AB group, two times more likely to be business travellers and three times more likely to have incomes of more than $100,000, making them a valuable and captive audience for advertisers.”

With 45 minutes average dwell time at T3, JCDecaux’s Pigeon Project found that 90% of airport travellers have considered or researched a product or service as a result of seeing advertising in an airport. Eight in 10 use their device to learn more while in the airport environment.

The check-in and atrium areas of T3 will have never before seen high impact, double-sided 6m x 3.5m (check-in) and 4.5m x 2.5m (atrium) digital screens suspended from the ceiling. All existing digital and video wall assets have been replaced with new LED screens, providing high resolution, seamless viewing of campaigns.

“The sheer scale, quality and impact of our new asset portfolio at Sydney Airport’s terminals and surrounds really are a showcase offering for advertisers. It presents powerful opportunities for advertisers to connect with captive and valuable audiences within a world-class digital terminal environment,” JCDecaux Chief Commercial Officer, Max Eburne, said.

World renowned for its innovative, premium airport presence, JCDecaux is the number one airport advertising company globally, representing 210 airports. In this region, JCDecaux also holds the exclusive advertising rights for Perth’s T1, T2, T3 and T4 terminals and New Zealand’s airports in Auckland, Christchurch and Queenstown.


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