Hoshino Resorts: updates & media support program OCT 2018 ·

Hoshino Resorts: updates & media support program OCT 2018

Yoshiharu Hoshino, CEO of Hoshino Resorts skier who spends over 60 days a year on the slopes. He knows where the best mountains with highest quality snow are and how to enjoy winter. Hoshino Resort’s new brand, ‘OMO’ is ready and open for their first winter in Hokkaido. OMO, the fourth brand of Hoshino Resorts, launched its first property, OMO7 Asahikawa, Hokkaido on April 28th, 2018. Asahikawa is fast becoming the first ski ‘city’ as it is in a prime location for day trips to multiple snow mountains including Kamui Ski Links, the largest ski resort in Hokkaido with 3 FIS-accredited courses and a vast tree run area, and Mt. Asahidake, the highest mountain in Hokkaido with an altitude of 2291m and boasting one of the largest amounts of snowfall which has attracted backcountry skiers from across the world.

Another way to enjoy winter at Hoshino Resorts is with the great combination of snow and wine. Hoshino Resorts RISONARE Yatsugatake in Yamanashi Prefecture is a wine resort located near Mt. Fuji between Yamanashi Prefecture and Nagano Prefecture, the premier wine producing regions of Japan. In the winter, this wine resort turns into a snow resort where guests can enjoy both winter skiing on the slopes and glasses of wine in the snow. The “Mini Ski Slope” will make its first appearance this winter. It is a roughly 72 square meter slope made of artificial snow designed for small children to enjoy their first skiing experience as well as sledding and playing in the snow. Parents can watch their children playing in the snow while relaxing with a glass of wine.

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