Hoshino Resorts: updates & media support program NOV 2018 ·

Hoshino Resorts: updates & media support program NOV 2018

Hoshino Resorts always welcomes guests with various ways to enjoy the beauty of local nature and culture whether in Japan or in other countries. The HOSHINOYA brand luxury flagships are now offering their hospitality at seven locations globally including Tokyo, Kyoto, Fuji, Taketomi, Karuizawa, Bali and the upcoming Guguan in Taiwan.

HOSHINOYA Taketomi Island, located in Okinawa, is offering a special limited-time “Island Terroir” gourmet cuisine for the 2018 winter season. Available only during winter, this 10-course menu represents a perfect harmony of qualities derived from the weather, land, and people of Taketomi while incorporating local and seasonal ingredients such as sweet potatoes and Kuruma prawns.

HOSHINOYA Bali will host a “Balinese Dance and Beauty Ritual” from November 1st, 2018 to May 31st, 2019. This is a wellness program involving traditional Balinese dance, food and spa treatments. Our one-day wellness program begins with early morning yoga, then continues with Indonesian meals, a Balinese dance experience, and a spa treatment to foster an appreciation for traditional Balinese dance designed to bring out the beautiful and flexible body of each guest. Ubud, surrounded by lush, green mountains, is flourishing with traditional culture, helping one to become beautiful in both mind and body.

At HOSHINOYA Tokyo in Otemachi, Tokyo, the modernised tea ceremony workshop is held daily. This workshop serves as a great way for guests to get a sense of this element of traditional Japanese culture and hospitality by tasting and learning how to make their own matcha in the heart of Japan’s capital city.

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