Fun, Sun and Rum: STUBA in the Caribbean ·

Fun, Sun & Rum: STUBA in the Caribbean

Located between North and South America, the islands of the Caribbean sea are an extensive archipelago (group of islands), known by honeymooners and resort goers as a top location for sun & fun.

The best time for a Caribbean visit is always; with fantastic weather all year round, your clients may not want to leave. The Caribbean is part of a growing trend to offer eco-tourism as an activity or pulling point. With fantastic sea life, and forests, the Caribbean is well poised to further develop their economy, and help preserve the environment for future generations.

Our top 5 eco-tourism related things to do in the Caribbean (apart from the food, beaches, and cocktails) include:

Zip Wire in St Lucia: you will find yourself over 40m above the forest floor, pushing through the canopy, with hundreds of species of flora and fauna. Includes some decent walking, so be prepared !

Swim with the Stingrays: Known as the Stingray City Experience based out of Grand Cayman, this experience is unique. Standing in waist deep water, the wild stingrays will come right up and swim amongst the tourists. Most operators provide snorkel gear for an even better view.

Dive with the Sharks: Stuart Cove in Barbados offers scuba diving with amazing wild reef sharks. For accredited divers only, which isn’t a problems as there are many speedy accreditation (PADI) operators that can get you prepared. With beautiful reefs and colourful fish, you wont be disappointed. The Cove also provides Snuba; a hybrid snorkelling system that requires no talks, but allows for long duration snorkelling adventure.

Coral World Ocean Park (St Thomas): With over 5 acres of sea life viewing extended out over the beach and open ocean. Touch sea cucumbers and pet the hermit crabs, clients with youngsters will love it. Includes a fantastic underwater observatory, a reef encounter, marine gardens, turtle pool,  and the touch pool.




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