Discover the Kyoto Autumn with your family ·

Discover the Kyoto Autumn with your family

Visiting Kyoto is probably on everyone’s bucket-list for traveling to Japan. While autumn is known as the best time to visit for the fall foliage season, traveling with kids can be nervous. However, APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU provides the best family-friendly stay which can also be the adequate for various itineraries. With the new locations, APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is pleased to offer a pleasant stay both in Tokyo and Kyoto.


Here are some reasons why APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is a family-friendly accommodation. Its spacious room can accommodate from small to an extended family. With the great accessibility to public transportations for both Tokyo and Kyoto, it is easy to move around even with the stroller or kids in tow. There are choices of Japanese and Western design rooms, free WI-FI and portable smartphones which can be carried outside. Moreover, the equipped kitchen enables parents to cook for their kids. This can also be beneficial for those with food allergies or picky eaters because parents will be able to cook tailored to their needs. While kids can be more sensitive being in a different environment, stay at APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU can make every family feel like home.

Great places for autumn leaves in Kyoto for families

Kyoto’s hidden gems which are easy to access from MIMARU KYOTO STATION.

Hozugawa River
The Hozugawa RiverTemples definitely come up as a ‘must-see’ places in Kyoto but children will probably get bored out of their wits if the trip is only visiting them. There are more than temples in Kyoto. In fact, it is the best place to enjoy Japan’s four distinctive seasons being surrounded by mountains and full of nature. One of the attractions the whole family would appreciate is the Hozugawa river cruise. This two-hour journey scenic ride runs along the Hozugawa river with the traditional boat guided by the skilled boatmen using the poles, rubber and oars. Your kids might be lucky enough to row the boat by themselves. Since the journey is not fast-paced or dangerous, it is a relaxing way to see the ravine in the beautiful scenery for every family and the views are breathtaking especially in autumn when the mountains are covered in red and yellow with the autumn foliage.

Umekoji Park
While this might not frequently be on Kyoto itineraries, Umekoji park is walk-in distance from Kyoto station which all families (including infants and toddlers) can access. A large space enables kids to play ball games or families to go on a picnic. During the autumn foliage, parents can take the time to enjoy the autumn leaves while kids can play around beside them. Large playground with multiple slides (including the 14m slide), climbing equipment, bridges and stairs which are perfect for toddlers through elementary school age kids. There is a small train called ‘Chin Chin Train’ which runs through the park on weekends and public holidays. A special kids event including craft classes, tags and stilts is held every 2nd and 4th Saturday where kids will have opportunities to mingle with the locals. Kyoto Railway Museum and Kyoto aquarium are located next to the site for those who prefer learning experiences. Families can also enjoy strolling around this peaceful park with the perfect view of the autumn leaves in autumn.

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU is opening two locations this autumn and winter

MIMARU is honoured to announce the new openings of APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU SHINMACHI SANJO and KAWARAMACHI GOJO.

Below are the details.

APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU SHINMACHI SANJO ANNEX will open on the 1st of November 2019.

Address 105, Shinmachi-dori, Sankyo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto 604-8206

Contact Number for Overseas: + 81-75-606-5013


APARTMENT HOTEL MIMARU KAWARAMACHI GOJO will open on the 12th of December.

Address 17-1 Hiraicho, Nishitakasegawasuji, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto 600-8118

Contact Number for Overseas: + 81-3-5444-3600


All of these are in the centric of Kyoto and an easy access to the sites introduced above.

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