Canada’s Yukon Territory is bringing back the Gold Rush ·

Canada’s Yukon Territory is bringing back the Gold Rush with new Indiegogo campaign

In 1896, the Klondike Gold Rush put Dawson City and Canada’s Yukon on the map. Now, in 2019, is making modern-day history by creating a brand new gold rush. Fittingly named Gold Rush 2, wants to fund a brand new gold rush that will encourage potential visitors to discover a love for the extraordinary Yukon Territory through its rich history.

The campaign launched this week and offers a variety of exciting perks for different contribution levels. For only Can$5, contributors can have their names go down in an exclusive history book that will be on display at the Dawson City Museum. Higher contributors can purchase perks like a Dawson City Package including admission to the legendary Diamond Tooth Gerties show. The highest-end package includes a flight with Air North, Yukon’s Airline from Vancouver to Whitehorse and a 2-night stay at the famous Downtown Hotel – Sourtoe Cocktail included!

One can participate in three simple steps:

1.   Buy a perk with your hard earned money

2. will convert that money into real Klondike Gold

3.   That gold will be placed in Claim #6 on Bonanza Creek

“This is a campaign as unique as the original Gold Rush of 1898,” says Paul Robitaille, Marketing and Events Manager at “People have wanted gold since the dawn of time. It has brought fortune and folly to the human race, and nothing highlights this like theKlondike Gold Rush. This was an incredible event that sparked about 100,000 adventure seekers worldwide to leave their homes and make their way to the Yukon. About 40,000 made it to Dawson City, making it the largest town West of Winnipeg and North of Seattle. Some of the most colourful stories and characters known to this day came out of this event and can still be experienced in the Yukon today.”

The Indiegogo fundraiser will be live for 40 days and hopes to raise $100,000. All the money raised will be used to buy genuine Yukon gold and everyone will be invited to pan for it on Tuesday, August 20th, 2019.

Robitaille continued, “With Gold Rush 2, we wanted to celebrate the rich history of the Klondike Gold Rush and create a fun and modern way for people to experience what it was like back then. We’re looking to excite a new generation of gold-seekers to adventure to Dawson City, where they can experience the rich living-history of our beautiful Territory and, hopefully, find some gold while taking it all in. Gold Rush 2 showcases all the great things that make the Yukon Larger than Life and offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience to anyone adventurous enough to take the leap.”

About is operated by the Klondike Visitors Association (KVA), a not-for-profit tourism sector organisation, based in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada, representing local and regional members and industry stakeholders.  KVA’s mandate includes destination marketing, operation of attractions and presentation of special events that increase visitation and add to the quality of life in our community.  KVA’s owned and operated attractions include:  Diamond Tooth Gerties Gambling Hall, Jack London Museum and the Free Claim # 6 on Bonanza Creek.  A few examples of our many annual events are: Yukon Gold Panning Championships, Thaw Di Gras Spring Carnival and the Great Klondike International Outhouse Race.

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