Andy Hewitt – The Ruby Apartments: Hotel Manager ·

Andy Hewitt – The Ruby Apartments: Hotel Manager

Perhaps it’s the carefree mindset of a former skateboarding lad from the streets of northern England; resilience gained from working in the remoteness of Australia’s outback; or simply a general shying away from doing things as they’ve always been done; that has set a path of professional success for The Ruby Apartments Hotel Manager, Andy Hewitt.

Taking charge of one of the Gold Coast’s newest hotel properties, Mr Hewitt is galvanised by a no fuss, in-the-moment, can-do attitude.

It’s an assertiveness the 34-year-old has evolved over almost two decades; starting out as a kitchen hand then chef, while undertaking hospitality and business management degrees, before discovering genuine purpose and passion in the industry.

The thick Yorkshire accent is distinctive, as is the decisiveness and drive that has seen Mr Hewitt shift focus from food and beverage responsibilities, to taking control of all operational aspects in his role as Hotel Manager.

“Last year’s grand opening of The Ruby Apartments prior to our first influx of holiday-makers over Christmas has provided one of my most memorable professional experiences to date,” confirmed Mr Hewitt.

“There’s much still to be done with the property but I’m sure all our guests agree we have something very special here at Ruby.

“We’ve been innovative in our approach and invested in the training of staff to go the extra mile, that way ensuring unforgettable experiences for all guests.

“I, along with our 100-plus staff, couldn’t ask for a better platform from which to consistently deliver a first-class hotel experience.

“Times are changing and the jobs we do change with it, so I like to keep an open mind and am always willing to adapt, change and think my way around a situation and not be bound by the way things may have been done in the past.”

Such flexibility has held Mr Hewitt well as he masterminded the transition from his English homeland to outback Australia, quickly turning his hand from hospitality to operations management at a highly successful tour company.

From winching huge steel boats across dry riverbeds without machinery and overseeing the introduction of an 18-room luxury lodge, the Sheffield native has seamlessly evolved his capacity as a competent Hotel Manager.

The move to the Gold Coast occurred in late 2015, when Mr Hewitt shifted focus to Surfers Paradise as part of the management team at Ruby’s sister property, Paradise Resort.

“There’ve been some extreme cases of hitting the ground running that are all part of the development process,” confirmed Mr Hewitt.

“I live by the tune of, what’s the worst thing that can happen? I could be wrong and make a mistake, but that’s when I pick myself up, dust off, re-build, and learn from the experience.

“Almost every successful business owner I’ve spoken to or autobiographies I’ve read have had at least one failure; maybe gone belly up, but that never stopped them or steered them away from their ultimate goal.

“I love people, love talking to them, love hearing their stories and why they are here and where they’ve been.

“I get great satisfaction from seeing guests happy because of the product we have produced and I love seeing staff progress and grow.”

A father of two children, Mr Hewitt has seamlessly morphed into the Gold Coast lifestyle, swapping skateboard for surfboard and taking advantage of the 70-plus kilometres of uninterrupted coastline at the doorstep of The Ruby Apartments.

The Englishman appreciates family life and values downtime away from the hotel, but with pressure and passion as his key motivators, you’re bound to see unmatched focus and determination from this particular Hotel Manager.

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