Already been to Napa Valley? Next head south to Mexico’s wine country, Valle de Guadalupe

If you’re a wine connoisseur, chances are you have already checked California’s Napa Valley off your oenophile bucket list. So what’s next on the list? Mexico.

Go 75 miles south of the U.S. border and you’ll discover Mexico’s answer to Napa, the wine country known as Valle de Guadalupe. Although this compact destination is still discovering itself, it’s arguably one of the country’s most sophisticated travel destinations.

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There are many Waze to get there

 Although you can fly into Tijuana International Airport, you’ll still have a 90-minute car trip ahead of you, so most visitors opt to drive themselves to Valle de Guadalupe.

If you opt for the car, you’ll have several border-crossing choices. If you want minimum hassle, try the less-confounding Otay Mesa or Tecate. If you are a confident traveler, consider going through Tijuana. The border crossing itself may be frenetic but once through, you’ll be rewarded with a scenic drive down the Pacific Coast. (Make sure that you access the Highway 1 cuota (toll) road directly after entering Mexico and be prepared to offer a dollar or two to the non-violent activists protesting the fact that Highway 1 is still a toll road despite promises to drop the fees once it was paid for.)

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