Travelling to Japan in 2020? ·

Travelling to Japan in 2020?

Japan is regarded as a global food destination. Restaurants in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto are often top of the list, yet many travellers might not expect to discover the one-of-a-kind experiences and dishes available just a short train ride from the major cities.

For travellers heading to Japan in 2020 here are four foodie destinations dotted between Osaka and Nagoya that should not be missed.

Start the day with Miwa Somen noodles in Sakurai
Located just 45 minutes from Osaka via Kintetsu Railway is Sakurai, a city famous for shrines, sake and a signature way of preparing noodles.

Sakurai is the birthplace of Somen, a refreshing cold noodle first produced close to 1300 years ago, at Sakurai’s Omiwa Shrine. Traditional production methods including using local spring water are still used today and give the noodles their sought-after thin shape and light elasticity.

Indulge in a refreshing brunch of Miwa Somen on the first stop to Nagoya while exploring the beauty of Sakurai. The traditional dish can be found in restaurants throughout Sakurai, with some restaurants even serving the noodles swimming in running water.

Stop in Tsu for lunch to try giant gyoza
Just over an hour and a half from Sakurai via train lies the city of Tsu. Located on the coast of Ise Bay, Tsu is the capital city of Mie.

The city of Tsu is famous for its extra-large gyoza, Tsu-gyoza. The deep-fried dumplings must measure 15cm in length and were introduced by the educational board of Tsu City in 1985 to use in school meals to satisfy students with just one large dumpling! Take a break over lunch and fulfil your dumpling cravings with endless plates of Tsu-gyoza.

Relax with a drink and afternoon tea at Chiyozaki beach
Just over 30 minutes from Tsu via train lies Chiyozaki beach. Regarded as one of the best beaches in the Mie region, Chiyozaki beach is known for its tranquil waves and is often dotted with parasol umbrellas in the summer.

Located right on the beach and less than ten minutes’ walk from Kintetsu Chiyozaki station are a number of casual eateries including cafes and bars. Take a break with a cocktail and treat yourself to a waffle or strawberry parfait while watching the gentle shoreline.

Finish the day with Nagoya’s famous Tebasaki Chicken Wings
Nagoya is famed by locals and tourists for its exceptional cuisine, with Tebasaki Chicken Wings often top of the list. Located less than one hour from Kintetsu Chiyozaki station with Kintetsu Railway, the dish is so popular in Nagoya that Tebasaki-flavoured ice cream and snacks are now a popular take-home souvenir for travellers.

Unlike other types of fried chicken, Tebasaki is not coated in batter or breading. Instead, the chicken’s signature crispy skin is coated in a mixture of herbs and spices and double fried before being covered in a sweet and savoury glaze.

Unwind and finish the day by ordering plates of Tebasaki Chicken until your heart’s content. The famous dish is served at restaurants and Izakayas throughout the city, with many located close to the Kintetsu Nagoya station.

About the Kintetsu Rail Pass

The Kintetsu Rail Pass gives travellers unlimited rides on all Kintetsu Railway lines for 5 days. Available for visitors from overseas at a discounted price of 3,700 yen, pre-purchase your passes online or buy at any Kintetsu Station in Japan.

For information on the pass, please visit:

New Limited Express Osaka-Namba to Nagoya service to launch in 2020

Kintetsu Railway will launch a new Limited Express train from Osaka-Namba to Nagoya debuting on 14 March 2020. Named “HINOTORI (phoenix)”, the new Limited Express service is designed to provide unparalleled comfort and relaxation.

For more information on the new service, please visit:

About Kintetsu Railway

Founded in 1910, Kintetsu Railway was originally an electric tram system operating between Nara and Osaka. Over the past 119 years, the company has become one of Japan’s largest operating railway networks that connects major cities in the Kansai region including Kyoto, Osaka, Nara, Nagoya, Tsu, Ise and Yoshino. For more information, visit:

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