Travel Counsellors launch video series ·

Travel Counsellors launch video series

Featuring content cultivated from a coast-to-coast video shoot, Travel Counsellors recently launched a series of new videos that provide a glimpse into the lives of Australian Travel Counsellors operating from home offices across Australia.

From a sheep station in Western Australia, to an apartment on the Gold Coast, a home office in Western Sydney and a family home on the south coast of New South Wales, the new videos provide insight into the lives of Travel Counsellors operating home-based travel businesses all over Australia.

Sharing their backgrounds, motivations, triumphs and challenges, the personal stories of the Travel Counsellors featured in the videos demonstrate the diverse range of agents that choose to run their businesses with the home-based travel network. Ranging in age from 33 to 66, the agents featured in the videos highlight the fact that Travel Counsellors come from all generations and walks of life.

To be used as a recruitment and brand awareness tool, the videos can currently be viewed on the Travel Counsellors YouTube channel HERE

While filming the videos some recurrent themes emerged, with work/life balance one of the most common elements that attracted the agents to the Travel Counsellors model. From having more time to spend with children, to taking advantage of the freedom that comes with setting your own work hours, and enjoying working from the comfort of a beautiful, home office environment, the agents featured in the videos are a great example of how the Travel Counsellors brand supports a healthy work/life balance.

Receiving high levels of support, being able to book a wide range of travel products, giving highly personalised customer service and having the ability to earn uncapped earnings were also key reasons many of the agents profiled in the videos chose to join (and stay with) Travel Counsellors.

Kaylene Shuttlewood, Regional Managing Director Travel Counsellors Australia believes that travel agents are increasingly looking for ways to further their careers, maximise their earning potential and develop genuine, lasting relationships with their clients. “These videos highlight the many talented agents that represent the Travel Counsellors brand across the nation. Each of them come from diverse backgrounds and approach their work in different ways, but what unites them is a passion for travel, a desire to build a sustainable travel business and a commitment to providing the very best, personalised service to their clients,” says Kaylene.

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