The Lux Collective appoints Senior Vice President of Global Business Development ·

The Lux Collective appoints Senior Vice President of Global Business Development in Singapore

Following the recent announcement of the unbundling of its operations into two distinct entities, namely The Lux Collective, the management company and owner of the various brands and LUX* Island Resorts, the asset management company, LUX* group has gone one step further. It announced a new key recruitment to reinforce its team in view of the brands global expansion. The group has appointed Karen Lai Young as Senior Vice-President – Global Business Development. Karen will be based in Singapore at the head office of The Lux Collective housed in Suntec Building 2. She is responsible for the implementation of the group’s strategic plan across the world.

“Karen brings a wealth of business development expertise, an in-depth knowledge of the Asia Pacific business community that will be of great value for our global growth strategy. With her skills, she will help boost our hotel management contracts across the world. Having spent many years in the hospitality industry, Karen has developed long-term business relationships and has a strong track record of closing deals. She reports to me and is responsible for the group’s global expansion. I am truly confident that Karen will bring considerable value to our organization,” stated Paul Jones, CEO of The Lux Collective.

Ms. Lai Yong is a Chartered Accountant and holds an MBA for Financial Specialists from the Manchester Business School. During her 27 years of professional experience, Karen has worked for Intercontinental Hotel Group and Raffles International Limited where she held the positions of ‘Regional Director, Development Asia’ and ‘Vice President, Business Development Asia Pacific’ respectively. The Senior Vice-President of Global Business Development joins the Group from Club Med – Singapore where she was the Vice President Development ESAP (East, South Asia & Pacific).

On her recent appointment, Karen Lai said “I am delighted to be part of The Lux Collective, a hospitality group with great ambitions which are in line with my personal objectives. With Paul and his team as support, I am confident that we will be able to establish a strong global expansion. By working together, we will succeed in obtaining new management contracts, in Asia Pacific as well as other parts of the world.”

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