STUBA: Tantalising Thailand ·

STUBA: Tantalising Thailand

Thailand has been one of the Aussie favourites for approaching 20 years. It has top resorts, exciting nightlife, and the dollar stretches further than other destinations. Even more family friendly than years past, there are dozens of top cities and towns where your clients would be happy as Larry.

Phi Phi Island is the more grown up, family friendly, and slightly more mature destination, while Bangkok is a city full of excitement, fun and nightlife.

Stuba is constantly updating their Thai inventory and contracts to get the best deals for travel agents. The quality of the resorts these days is staggering, with significant effort being made to improve the overall experience for the thai tourist.

Here’s 5 fab things to do in Thailand, in no particular order !

1.Bangkok By Night: Its hot in Bangkok…very hot. So hot that best way to tour is often at night. The Bangkok night tours (by tuk-tuk of course), take in some of the best food trucks, night time hot spots, and the amazing illuminated Wat Pho temple. Food is included, and the hectic traffic of day time becomes a non issue. Stop offs include the night markets, helping you collect you quota of gifts for folks back home.

2. Private Boatride to Koh Tapu (James Bond Island). The world famous island with a  superb beach, is available by speedboat; just like James did. When there, snorkeling, canoeing, or just relaxing on the beach (Naka Noi) will help unwind the weary, and invigorate the dozy.

3. Chiang Mai Zipline: Set in the beautiful pristine rainforest, the zipline tour is one of the longest in Asia. From treetop to treetop, feel the air fly past your hair in this fun and relaxing adventure. With over 30 platforms, your will catch glimpses of fauna such as Gibons and wild birds. Thy usually throw in free meals and refreshments.

4. Jungle Safair In Koh Samui: Escape the crowded beach and head for a 6 hour 4×4 tour, taking in the island sbeutiful flora and fauna in an adventure that wont be forgotten. Side trips to the Magic Buddha Garden, and take lunch in an amazing location including the superb Namuang Waterfall.

5. A trip to Thailand would not be complete without a tour of the spectacular Grand Palace in Bangkok, and the river of kings. A private tour boat will take you through the canals of Bangkok (nicknamed the Venice of the East). The Grand Palace originally was the residence of the King of Siam. Highlites include gazing upon the most holiest statue carved from Jade, the Wat Phra Kaew. When finished, there is plenty of time for a Thai massage (back in town) and a watermelon refreshment.




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