Party time in Vegas with STUBA ·

Party time in Vegas with STUBA


We all know Las Vegas. Famous for the biggest hotels, the brightest signs and sometimes even the cause of strange memory loss. But aside from the fascinating history of this hot and sandy desert, and the amazing hotels, there is actually plenty to do and see both on and off The Strip.

Day Trip to the Grand Canyon: Even if your clients have plenty of time, don’t take the bus…do yourself a favour and go by helicopter. You’ll see more, and its an easy 45 min trip by helicopter. Most providers will pick you up from your Stuba booked hotel (of course!) and take you back for orientation. Most of the helicopters used are super modern executive style machines. The cost varies, but its safe to say you will not get a cheaper, stylish ride back home in AUS or NZ; take advantage. The West Rim of the Grand Canyon, while not its most popular section, is still staggeringly beautiful and a sight to see. With views over Hoover Dam included, take the afternoon flight to ensure you get to see The Strip at dusk as you come into land. Perfect photo opportunities !

Reality TV Tour: While not culturally engrossing, a bit of fun can be had here. Visit the pawn shop from the hit TV shows Pawn Stars,  the tank construction factory from Tanked, the retro store from Toy Shack, and the restoration plant from American Restoration. Its a half day tour, and  is a great opportunity to get away from the gambling and extravagance of The Strip.

Shopping Tour: Vegas Outlet shopping is outstanding. Heavily discounted, new stock shoes, handbags and more. Most tour operators will also throw in some of The Strip highlights such as the Eiffel Tower and the Statue of Liberty. Apart from the convenient hop on hop off buses, they will throw in discount vouchers. Don’t forget to tip the driver!

Shows: Unbeatably priced, and the highest quality. See Cirque du Soleil, The Beatles ‘Love’, Michael Jackson ‘One’, Penn & Teller, the Elvis Presley tribute ‘All Shook Up’, Magic Mike Live, Barry Manilow live and dozens more. Pricing is unbeatable.

For all your Las Vegas accommodation needs, you cant go past Stuba !




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