Medjet launches short-term Travel Security Memberships for Winter Games ·

Medjet launches short-term Travel Security Memberships for Winter Games

Medjet – the industry leader in air medical transport and crisis response memberships for travelers – today launched a new, limited-time offer of short-term MedjetHorizon memberships, just in time for the winter games in Pyeongchang. The decision comes in response to an increase in inquiries for its elevated travel security and crisis response membership option, MedjetHorizon, as well as the U.S. State Department’s new travel advisory system.

Although travelers have long had the option of purchasing short-term MedjetAssist memberships, which include air medical transport and repatriation services, this is the first time the company has offered its MedjetHorizon memberships on a short-term basis, giving travelers the added security of crisis response in the event of terrorism, political threat, hijacking and other threats. “In light of the current global climate, including increased tensions in the region in the lead-up to next month’s games in South Korea, we are keenly aware of a sense of nervousness among travelers about their security while traveling internationally,” says Medjet CEO and President, Roy Berger. “As part of our ongoing commitment to providing our members with the most relevant and timely travel safety protections, we have therefore decided to offer those planning travel over the next month the special option of a short-term MedjetHorizon membership.”

With air ambulance affiliates based in more than 50 locations worldwide, and a network of highly skilled air medical and security response staff providers located around the globe, Medjet provides MedjetHorizon members with its renowned 24/7 transport services, plus access to 24/7 crisis response benefits for ten major travel security threats, including acts of terrorism, political threat, natural disaster and pandemic.

Available in intervals of eight, 15, 21 and 30 days, short-term MedjetHorizon memberships start from $184 for an eight-day individual membership and $310 for an eight-day family membership. The limited time offer is available through February 15, 2018 and by phone only (1-800-527-7478). Corporate and group rates are available.

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Medjet is the industry leader in travel protection and medical transport, forging a global network of air medical transport affiliates and security providers over the past 26 years. At any given time, Medjet has access to more than 250 private air ambulances and commercial medical escorts, as well as specially trained emergency medical and security personnel, ready to launch from both domestic and international locations 24/7. The company most notably differentiates from other players in the market through its commitment to arrange air medical transfer to the member’s home country hospital of choice (not just “nearest acceptable”), regardless of medical necessity. Similarly, unlike other travel security and response membership programs, the company’s MedjetHorizon option does not rely on hard triggers, such as government-issued evacuation orders, to act on behalf of members.

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