11 of the world’s scariest travel destinations where people go for fun. Really.

Every year as Halloween approaches, people seek out choreographed thrills that frighten them in harmless ways, the dangers perceived rather than actual.

Yet there are places around the world where scares come without benefit of costumed characters wielding plastic chainsaws.

Edge along narrow planks suspended high on a mountain cliff, putting your trust into the bolts embedded in the sheer stone face. Or visit a city abandoned long ago, where signs of life are as ever-present as the ticking of a Geiger counter.

Here are some truly frightening travel destinations around the world.

Mount Hua Shan, China  

The trail along the cliffs of Mount Hua Shan makes the Grand Canyon Skywalk (a glass-bottomed stroll over a ledge hundreds of feet up) about as scary as a walk along Disneyland’s Main Street.

Hikers on the sacred mountain encounter planks bolted hundreds of feet high along sheer stone walls. And those bolts are checked regularly. You hope.

Even scarier is the bathroom situation. This is from a Chinese tourism website: “There are only a few toilets on the top of Mt. Hua Shan and the toilet condition is also not good. It is better to prepare mentally.”

Details: www.topchinatravel.com/xian/mt-huashan-travel-tips.htm.

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