Yes, You Can Really Take a Cruise Entirely Dedicated to Chocolate

These days, there's cruises for millennials, for seniors, for singles, and more, but this new offering from Costa Cruises may just take the cake. Chocolate cake that is.

The cruiseline recently announced a new voyage in partnership with the annual chocolate festival known as Eurochocolate in Perugia, Italy, and it sounds like a truly tasty journey.

“We try to offer unique experiences to our guests […] and this is possible thanks to prestigious partnerships like the one with Eurochocolate,” Costa Cruises' Italy Country manager, Carlo Schiavon, told Lonely Planet about the new cruise, which sets sail on April 16, 2020. “[It] will allow us to have for the first time aboard a cruise ship the vibe, the fun and the tastes of the greatest international festival dedicated to chocolate.”

According to TravelPulse, guests who sail with Costa Cruise’s Chocolate Cruise can take part in chocolate and pastry-making classes onboard the ship, as well as other workshops led by master chocolatiers including Guido Gobino, Enric Rovira and Pierpaolo Ruta.

Guests will also have the chance to participate in chocolate tasting sessions and learn more about chocolate pairing with wine and other dishes. And guests will, of course, dine on chocolate-infused meals, chocolate cocktails, and even be able to take daily chocolate-themed excursions at various ports.

Additionally, the journey will have all the normal accouterments cruisers have come to know and love, including entertainment, comfortable rooms and “welcome kits” placed in each room that will undoubtedly come with a small treat.

The cruise will depart from Civitavecchia and will make stops in Genoa, Barcelona, Palma de Mallorca, Malta, and Catania. For more on the rich and tasty journey check out the cruise company’s website.

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