WATCH: Royal Caribbean Cruise’s jaw-dropping first look INSIDE world’s longest waterslide

Royal Caribbean cruises have made leaving its luxurious ships extra-difficult with the launch of The Blaster – the world’s longest waterslide – right on board. The cruise line, which calls at a number of sun-soaked locations across the globe, gave guests an extra special treat with a re-vamp of Navigator of the Seas. As part of the $115 million makeover of the vessel came the world’s longest waterslide, The Blaster, full of twists and turns and a real good soaking. An exclusive Go-Pro video, released to, shows a cruise passenger taking to a raft on the 800ft aqua coaster.

They swirl through the yellow and red tubing, as well as a neon coloured cylinder with circles of varying colours, before emerging into the sunshine.

The raft is then seen on its undulating – and rather nail-biting – course in open-air, with a view of the crystal clear waters of the sea underneath.

Talking of the record-breaking waterslide Michael Bayley, President and CEO, Royal Caribbean International said: “Each Royal Caribbean ship brings a new adventure uniquely designed to deliver on our guests’ preferences from A to Z.

“Every detail matters and we’ve mapped out an unmatched combination of innovative features and experiences for this top-to-bottom transformation of Navigator of the Seas.”

The Blaster is supplemented by The Riptide, the cruise ship’s second slide.

The only difference is on this attraction, visitors travel down on a mat not a rubber dinghy.

Meanwhile, Royal Caribbean recently revealed how its Genie scheme was helping enhance the travels of passengers.

One particular request involved swerving a huge health hazard for all members of a family.

Reyno Varkevisser, Royal Genies on Symphony of the Seas, spoke exclusively to about creating the personalised VIP experiences.

Talking of his trickiest moment yet, he confessed borders were crossed to make his customers happy.

Reyno said: “I once had a family with four children who each had several completely different allergies, so we had to source products for them from their home country, as well as the countries we visited.

“It was an operation of epic proportion, but we knew it meant the world to these Star Class guests for their children to not to be restricted by their allergies and to have the confidence that their children would be well looked after.

“Fortunately, on the world’s largest ship we have some of the world’s most knowledgeable crew.

“The Inventory team in this case rose to the occasion and we made sure that the family all left very happy guests, having made incredible memories on their family holiday.”

His potentially life-saving duties saw a very happy holiday for the passengers.

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