Survey: Uber Still Best Bet in Most Global Cities

There is a decided advantage to taking an Uber while traveling in some of the world’s great international destinations as opposed to a taxi, a new survey found.

Globehunters, a travel firm based in the U.K. that offers flights, accommodation, package holidays, tours, car rental and travel services, commissioned the survey to see where money could be saved while traveling in certain cities.

The company found that in 55 cities, it was cheaper to get an Uber in 42 of them.

The study was based on a per-kilometer cost.

There’s still a place for taxis, of course. For instance, it’s £3.22 cheaper to take a cab in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia per kilometer than taking an Uber. £3.22 in euros is $4.13 in US dollars.

Riyadh led the top five cities where it was cheaper to take a taxi, followed by Mecca, Milan, New York and Dammam, also in Saudi Arabia.

But for the most part, an Uber was still the least expensive way to get around a major city. Leading the list of 42 cities was Cancun, where it was £1.27 ($1.63) less expensive per kilometer to take an Uber.

Cancun was followed by Lima (£1.04), Amsterdam (£1.03), London (£0.99) and Munich (£0.90).

In Athens and Istanbul, the prices are the same.

See the full survey here.

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