Never do this one thing before going on a cruise ship to avoid embarrassing faux-pas

Cruise ship holidays are hugely popular with Britons and many such trips are considered synonymous with elegance. An advantage of cruises is that more luggage can be taken on board a ship in comparison to a plane. However, it’s key to put plenty of thought into your holiday packing for a cruise. Passengers are being encouraged to research the cruise line’s dress code ahead of a holiday as not doing so could land you in a tricky situation onboard.

Cruise: What is the dress code for cruises? This is what you need to pack for your holiday

Online-only cruise booking platform Supercruises shared advice on dress code etiquette.

“Dress codes depend entirely on the type of cruise you have selected as well as your preferred activities and evening events,” said Supercruises.

“However, it’s highly recommended that you research into the dress code of the cruise line you have chosen to travel with before setting sail.”

Different cruise lines have different approaches to dress code with some much more formal than others.

“For example, Azamara Cruises encourage guests to stick to a laid back ‘Resort Casual’ dress code when on and about the cruise ship,” said Supercruises.

“Meanwhile, other cruise lines such as Cunard cruises have much more formal dress code policies, implementing an ‘informal’ policy for daytime while ‘formal’ wear is required for evening time.

‘Informal’ still comes with restrictions, however. “We do ask that guests refrain from wearing torn or tattered clothing, shorts, sandals or sleeveless t-shirts,” explains Cunard’s website.

Supercruises added: “The dress codes onboard these vessels even extend to ‘Gala smart formal’ for some areas of the ship so it is worth reading up beforehand to avoid being turned away from your evening plans.”

Popular cruise line Royal Caribbean has a relatively relaxed approach to dress, however.

“During the day the ship’s dress code is entirely casual,” its website states. “You’ll need swimwear for the pool and sunbathing, plus a selection of t-shirts, shorts, trousers or jeans, casual skirts and blouses and sundresses for all other areas of the ship.

Royal Caribbean adds: “You’ll also need a selection of casual, smart casual and formal clothes for evening meals in the main dining room or speciality restaurants.

“Casual dining clothes for men may include polo shirts and trousers, for example, and for women sundresses, trousers and casual skirts and blouses are all fine.”

Tanks tops are not permitted in the Main Dining Room or Specialty Dining venues for dinner, however, and bare feet are also not permitted in any venue.

Dressing wrongly could not only prove hugely embarrassing as you stick out among other guests but you could also be turned away from dinner.

Holidaymakers booking a cruise should also put careful research into their cabin – as location could make all the difference.

Cruise experts at advise against choosing a ship cabin near the lifts or stairs. This is because these locations could end up being very noisy indeed. 

“There are all types of crowds on a cruise ship, including early risers and late-night partiers,” explained “This means that throughout the night (and early in the morning), passengers will be gathered around the elevators and travelling the stairs.”

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