Flights: This is the best time of year to book if you want to save money

Travelling by plane is a common part of many Britons lives, with the latest data from ABTA revealing more than six in 10 Britons took a holiday abroad in 2019. However, with so much demand for both domestic and international flights, its no wonder they often come with an increasing price tag.


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Passengers looking for cost-effective holidays need look no further as recent data has revealed that there are certain times of year that will help travellers get more for their money.

Whatever the reason for travel, by booking at certain times of year it turns out passengers can make some sizeable savings.

The information from Opodo discovered that January is the best month of the year to book a trip.

Although many people are left feeling blue after the December festive have drawn to a close, booking a holiday at the beginning of the year could be the perfect way to boost your mood.

Data reveals that the average flight price is £241 for trips leaving from the UK in January, compared with the average price of £288 in peak month July.

Flights to Europe were particular purse-friendly during the first month of the year.

However, the experts have warned that prices and trends do vary based on destination and length of flight.

When it comes to domestic flights, it seems September is actually the best month to book.

The average price of these journeys was £145, fluctuating to £174 for peak flights in July.

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Additionally, September is also highlighted as the best month to put plans in place for long-distance travel.

According to Opodo’s data the average flight price is £519 for journeys to America, and £143 for those to European destinations.

For adventure seekers looking for something a little exotic, the experts recommend booking in January.

Flights to Africa averages at £411 and Oceania at £895.

However, these figures increase by £122 and £286 respectively when booking in the peak season.

Meanwhile, flights to Asia follow suits with January and September also flagged as the best time for budget-friendly booking. Prices averaged at £475 compared with peak prices in May and June exceeding £540.


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However, even if customers miss the ultimate time to book, the experts at Opodo say there are still ways to save.

“We tend to think that the further in advance we book, the cheaper the flights will be, however, our data reveals that this is not always the case,” they revealed.

“Aim to book your flight about 31-43 days before you travel to take advantage of lower prices. But once again, the optimum booking period depends on your destination.”

The research also shows that domestic flights are cheapest when booked between 44 and 50 days in advance, boasting savings of around £46.

Contrastingly, spontaneous travellers are in luck if they want to go to Australia or the wider Oceania region.

The best flight deals were revealed to be on offer just three weeks in advance of the flights, averaging at £896 compared to £1287 if booked three months in advance.

Another way to save money when booking trips is to utilise travel comparison websites, however a recent survey by Which? revealed that some are better than others when it comes to offering good prices.

By taking into the experience of 2,200 UK holidaymakers and their experience with travel comparison websites on offer to them, Which? discovered one website which is raking in the savings for customers.

Skyscanner was crowned the top website for travellers seeking a cheap deal.

Meanwhile, GoCompare was dubbed “the worst” of the travel comparison websites.

Customers scored it just 45 percent, drawing attention to “poor market coverage” and “poor functionality”.

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