Eurail Passes Go Digital

Eurail passes have finally begun to go digital.

After being successfully tested during the month of June, the Italy Mobile Pass is currently available at the Eurail webshop. Later this year, the mobile version of the multi-country Global Passes, and additional One Country Passes, will also come online.

These new passes will replace paper passes, and Eurail Pass holders will be able to manage their travels from their personal devices as they ride the rails across Italy.

Now, rather than recording train information manually, the Rail Planner App digitally keeps track, and train inspectors scan a barcode to confirm the pass is valid.

Carlo Boselli, the general manager at Eurail, said: “I could not be prouder of this milestone. Trenitalia was among the first European carriers to introduce e-ticketing for their national services years ago. They were also the first carrier to make seat reservations digitally available for our customers in the Rail Planner app. I look forward to extending this project with other carriers later this year.”

The launch of the Mobile Pass is the first step toward digitalization of the brand’s 35 participating carriers throughout Europe which will negate the need for paper tickets.

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