Discounted Railcard Will Be Available to 4 Million Millennials

The Rail Delivery Group (RDG) in the U.K. just announced that they are extending the National Rail 26-30 Railcard to over four million millennials.

In the spring, the RDG offered a trial card to 20,000 people, and there was such a high demand that it crashed the ticket website. The trial resulted in research that showed card users took an average of six leisure trips a month.

“If this trend continues then National Rail 26-30 Railcard holders will save themselves an average of £125 a year when they travel by train,” said the RDG.

This card will be the first digital-only railcard and is available for purchase at or through downloading the Railcard app. The card can be swapped between devices if a phone dies or is replaced.

The railcard will cost £30 and offer millennials between the ages of 26 and 30 one-third off of most leisure fares for 12 months. However, it does have a minimum fare restriction of £12 if traveling before 10 a.m. on a weekday.

To see just how much millennials would save, a trip from London to Brighton this afternoon would generally cost £41.80, but cardholders would only pay £27, according to The Standard. Booking in advance can also result in even more savings, as a London to York advanced ticket is £58 (compared to £104 if purchased on the day of travel), but would only cost £38.30 for National Rail 26-30 Railcard holders.

The National Rail 26-30 Railcard will work with all rail companies in the U.K. but doesn’t apply to sleeper trains, first-class, Eurostar services, or season tickets.

While an exact date hasn’t been set for the rollout of the cards, the RDG will share more news about the rollout on their social media channels.

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