Crystal campaign focuses on personal experiences

Crystal has launched a new marketing campaign, its first
since Tom Wolber became CEO in September 2017.

The campaign theme “Where Luxury is Personal” will
avoid platitudes about luxury and instead focus on how luxury “is defined
by each traveler, making the experience wholly individual,” Crystal said.

One ad features a father and son making new discoveries in
China together as they simultaneously discover each other. Another features
friends separated by distance but reconnected by a shared journey afar.

“The heart of Crystal is our people — the Crystal family,
both our guests and crew — and this new campaign will shine a spotlight on
this family,” said Carmen Roig, Crystal’s senior vice president of marketing
and sales.

The new branding campaign spans all products — Crystal
Cruises, Crystal River Cruises, Crystal Yacht & Expedition Cruises, Crystal
Luxury Air and Crystal AirCruises — and will be seen across multiple print and
digital media platforms beginning this month.

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