Cruise tip: Jane McDonald shares which new skill you can learn on board for a ‘good time’

Jane McDonald learns how to make ‘the perfect crepe’

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Jane McDonald is the queen of the sea. On one episode of Channel 5’s Cruising with Jane McDonald, she shared a fabulous on board activity that cruisers should get stuck into.

Cruises are the epitome of luxury and relaxation.

However, this doesn’t mean cruisers can’t come away with a brand new skill to take home with them after their travels.

On board the Oceania Marina, singer Jane McDonald took part in a cookery class.

Despite the fact that cruise ships are almost synonymous with good eating and beautiful buffet spreads, cruise ships often offer this type of class.

Jane told cruisers: “All that snooping round the restaurants has made me hungry.

“So, I’ve booked myself into a cookery class.”

The cruise singer turned presenter learned how to make “perfect” Crêpes Suzette, one of her “favourite dishes”.

She explained: “Lots of cruisers have kitchen demos.

“But the Marina was one of the first to have a full-blown cookery school at sea.”

And it’s not just anybody who teaches passengers to cook.

Jane told viewers: “The classes are provided by top chefs, all providing step by step guidance.”

But even though they are taught by leading professionals in the industry, this is a time for passengers to relax and have fun while learning a new skill.

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The chef told Jane and her fellow cruisers: “Relax, chill out, smile, we’re here to learn, cook, have a good time.”

For Jane’s cooking lesson, cruisers were put into pairs, so this is also a great way to make friends on board.

This is an especially good idea for cruisers whose friends or family aren’t particularly into cooking – so they don’t have to learn alone.

Having a partner also makes the experience a little less intimidating.

Jane punched she air as she absolutely nailed the Crêpes Suzette, complete with “boozy” orange sauce.

She was even branded a “natural” chef.

One thing to make note of, however, is that culinary classes may come at a price.

On Royal Caribbean cruises, passengers will be charged an unspecified fee, according to the official website.

P&O cruisers can go to cookery school for “a little extra” but may even be schooled by “godfather of British cooking” Marco Pierre White.

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